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READMISSION OF RETURNING UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS (those students transferring with previous FAMU credits)
Matriculated students remain eligible to register for classes for a period of one calendar year from the term of their last enrollment. An undergraduate student who is registered for the fall semester and does not return in two or more semesters (including summer) must submit an application for readmission and a processing fee of $15.00 to the Admissions Office to regain eligibility to register. Students residing outside of the State of Florida for more than twelve continuous months may be required to provide documentation of their residency status. 

Students who attend another institution of higher education during the period of absence must submit transcripts from all accredited institutions for credit evaluation and determination of continued admissibility.

Students in programs that require departmental approval file is forwarded to the respective department for evaluation.  Upon receipt of a response from the department the applicant is notified in writing of the department's decision.  You should apply at least six weeks prior to the academic term.  Academic programs and majors with departmental approval are: 

School of Journalism & Graphic Communication (exceptions: graphic design; photography)
School of Business & Industry
School of Nursing
College of Arts & Sciences (social work)
School of Allied Health Sciences (cardiopulmonary science) 
College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

FAMU students with previous university credits must submit official transcripts from all accredited institutions attended. Students are required to have an overall grade point average of at least a 2.0 and if attended more than one institution the grade point average must be at least 2.0 from the last institution attended. Some academic departments require a re-evaluation of returning students prior to being readmitted. 
Students who have been suspended or are on academic probation must satisfy all terms of the suspensions/probation agreement and obtain clearance from the Office of the University Registrar prior to registration. 

If the suspension is final you must follow the procedure as indicated on the Application for Readmission.