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Notification of Collection and Usage of Social Security Number from Students for Undergraduate Admissions, Registration and Financial Aid


The State University System of Florida operated a system of records prior to January 1, 1975, pursuant to regulations of the Florida Board of Education that required the use of social security numbers. 

Pursuant to State of Florida Statutes, Chapter 119, Public Records regulations under section 119.071(5) Other Personal Information (a)1a,2a; (II); 3, 4, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University continue to require the disclosure of the social security numbers by applicants and students under the Federal Privacy Act of 1974.  
This notice is to inform you that with respect to admissions, registration and financial aid, FAMU collects social security numbers from its students for the following reasons:

For use in processing admission applications for purposes of identification and verification of student records;
For use in administering federal and state programs/loans, including verification of eligibility.  These programs include, but are not limited to:
  • Financial Aid and other related loan programs
  • Scholarship Programs, including Bright Futures
  • Veterans Administration benefits for qualified students
For use in preparing Student Enrollment Reports required to be submitted to the National Student Loan Data System under Federal Law
For enrollment verification and eligibility for health insurance coverage, auto insurance coverage, and benefits, as requested by students
For submitting reports to the Florida Board of Governors as required

Please note that this is only a listing of the collection and use of social security numbers by the University in the admissions, registration and financial aid areas.   All students are advised that social security numbers are confidential and may only be released in accordance with applicable law. All international students who are eligible to have a Social Security Number need to submit a copy of the social security card.