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Title III

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
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Title III
Jackson Davis Hall
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

Title III Programs
Wanda Ford
Executive Director

The mission of Title III Programs is to ensure that federal resources are effectively and efficiently used to assist the University in becoming self-sufficient and expanding its capacity to serve low-income students. The funds are provided to improve and strengthen the University’s academic quality, institutional management, fiscal stability, and student service outcomes.

Graduate Activities

Enhancement of a Ph.D. Program in Environmental Science Specifically in the Biotechnology Area    -- Victor Ibeanusi    

Enhancement of J.D. Program at the College of Law   
-- LeRoy Pernell  
Enhancing Graduate Arts and Sciences  
-- Maurice Edington 
Enhancing Library Resources and Services for Graduate Programs  
-- Faye Watkins 
Minority Graduate Engineering Program  
-- Reginald Perry  
Pharmacy Administration    
Michael Thompson  
School of Architecture Graduate Student Summer Program   
-- Andrew Chin

Academic Enhancement of Graduate Health   
-- Marisa Lewis


Enhancing Instructional Technology Resources    
--Franzetta Fitz  
Enhancing Specialized Health Related Resources in Library   
-- Faye Watkins 
Innovative Academic Instruction for STEM Programs    
-- Donald  Palm 
Post Baccalaureate Curriculum    
-- Donald Palm

Nursing   -- Ruena Norman


Academic Success Institute    
--Brittanian Gamble
Academic Support - Library    
-- Faye Watkins   

Distance Learning    
-- Franzetta Fitz    

Enrollment Management   
-- Barbara Cox    

Honors Program    
-- Emma Dawson    

Institutional Development and Capacity Building    
-- Thomas Haynes
International Study (Exchange Program)    
-- Agnes Coppin  
STEM-Research Center for Cutting-Edge Technology    
-- Reginald Perry 
Strengthening Institutional Effectiveness in Accreditation, Assessment, and Research"    
-- Gita Pitter    

Teacher Education and Certification     
-- Patricia Green-Powell