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Florida A&M University and the School of Nursing are closely monitoring the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). The School of Nursing remains open to conduct the business of educating nursing students even as we carefully observe federal and state safety and health protocols. These safety precautions include transitions to remote instruction and remote work for FAMU employees, social distancing, and compliance with the recent stay-at-home order issued by Florida Governor DeSantis. Detailed information can be found at

Remote Work: Florida A&M University has extended telecommuting rules through April 30, on the heels of the White House announcement to stem the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). During the current period of remote work, the School of Nursing remains available during our normal hours of operation. You may contact our faculty and staff directly by email or phone as usual, and we will respond to your message within 24 hours. For immediate assistance, please contact us at (850) 599-3017. For more information regarding remote work at FAMU, visit

Grading Policy: The University has modified the Spring 2020 Grading Policy to allow students the option of receiving either a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) or letter grade (A/B/C/D/F) in courses that are approved to offer the S/U grade. Students will be required to request the S/U option for eligible courses. For more information on the modified grading policy, visit

Spring Commencement and Pinning/Hooding Ceremony: Due to ongoing precautions stemming from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) we are currently considering alternative options for our Spring Pining/Hooding as well as Spring Commencement ceremonies. Updated information regarding these activities will be available soon. Visit for spring commencement updates.

We encourage our students, families, friends, and communities to follow current health protocols and advisories for optimal health and wellbeing. Regularly check your FAMU email and visit for updates.

Spring Semester 2020 Modified Grading Policy – Guidance for Students
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) For Students And Faculty

For Students:

  • Do I need approval from my instructor, advisor, chair or dean to select the S/U option?

    • No. You are the only person required in the decision-making process. However, we STRONGLY encourage you to consult with the following before making any decision – your course faculty, and if needed, you advisor and Associate Deans.
  • Are any courses in my college/school exempt from the S/U policy?

    • No. All classes in the School of Nursing have the S/U option.
  • Can I have multiple courses S/U graded this semester?

    • Yes. Provided the classes are S/U eligible, you can elect to have one or more
      (or none) of your courses graded as S/U.
  • Who should I speak with in my college/school if I have questions about the S/U policy?

    • For questions regarding the S/U policy, speak to the faculty teaching your course first. You may also contact your advisor, or the Associate Deans for questions.
  • What if I want to receive my letter grade for a course or courses?

    • You do not have to do anything. The default grade for each class is a letter grade.
  • After I switch over to S/U, can I stop participating in class?

    • No. You are still held responsible for all course requirements and the materials
      presented in class. Moreover, the material in this class may be important to more advanced classes. Switching to S/U grading means that so long as you EARN a C or better on your instructor’s grading scale in the class you are taking, you will receive credit for the course, and the course will not affect your GPA. You still need to be an active participant in the class you are taking to ensure that you receive the credit for the class.
  • When will my final course grades be available for my review? Can I make my decision after I know my final grade?

    • Faculty are required to finish final grading by May 4, 2020. Some instructors will make grades available on Blackboard or Canvas at that time. Please note you will not be able to see your grades in iRattler at that time. Please contact your instructor for details about their method of making grades available to you before the required deadline. Final grades will be posted to iRattler on May 7.
  • How will S/U grades impact my college/school scholarship?

    • For a majority of funded scholarships, students must maintain certain GPA
      standards and pass all credit hours attempted to retain your scholarship status. “S” grades will not affect your GPA; you will, however, earn credit for the course. If you receive a “U” grade, you will not earn credit for the course. Failing to earn credits in classes attempted may result in a loss of your scholarship and affect your ability to receive financial aid moving forward. Please contact your advisor and scholarship coordinator for additional clarification.
    • Bright Futures Medallion recipients will need to maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher and earn all attempted hours for renewal next year. Your Fall 2019 cumulative GPA will be used for renewal if you select the S/U option for all of your courses.
    • Bright Futures Academic recipients will need to maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher and earn all attempted hours for renewal next year. Your Fall 2019 cumulative GPA will be used for renewal if you select the S/U option for all of your courses.
    • For the University Scholarship Program, you are required to pass all courses attempted with a “C” or better. If you elect to use the “S/U” option and earn a “U” your scholarship will not be renewed.
    • Contact your academic advisor and financial aid representative by email for details about the implication of your GPA remaining the same due to S/U grade, regarding your scholarship (including Bright Futures), and other financial aid matters.
  • What impact will S/U grades have on my competitiveness for admission to graduate/professional school, employment or internship/clinical/research opportunities?

    • The S/U option does not affect your GPA. However, if your intended graduate/professional school or employment requires letter grades for particular courses, then the S/U option will not fulfill the requirements. Please speak with to your advisor, faculty, or Associate Deans before making a final decision.
  • What should I do if I earn a “D” grade in a course?

    • A grade of “D” is not a passing grade for nursing. A “D” grade will impact your
      student GPA. You may opt for a S/U grade where you will receive a “U” grade. A “U” grade will not impact your GPA and you will not earn credit for the course. Note that earning a grade of “D” or “U” in a course is not passing. Students will be required to repeat any course in which a “D” or “U” is earned.

For Faculty:

  • What advice should I give to students in my courses about the S/U grading option?

    • All classes are approved for the S/U option and students the option of receiving either a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) or letter grade (A/B/C/D/F) in the courses. We strongly recommend that students discuss this with their academic advisor or faculty before making their choice to ensure it is in their best interest. Detailed information on the S/U grading policy with FAQs are available.
  • What is the deadline for submission of grades in iRattler?

    • Students will be able to place request for S/U grade from your Student Center in
      iRattler from Wednesday, April 15 through Wednesday, May 6, 2020.
  •  Should I make grades available to my students before they are posted?

    • Yes. Faculty is expected to make final course grades available for review not later
      than Monday May 3, 2020.
  • Who should I direct students to if they need assistance?

    • Students needing further assistance should be directed to the Associate Deans.
  • Am I required to assign S/U grades or enter S/U grades into iRattler?

    • No. Faculty will record letter grades (A/B/C/D/F) for their courses as usual in
  • What should I do if I do not want a student to select the S/U option?

    • The decision to select S/U grade lies with the student only. Faculty has
      responsibility to provide advisement with clear expectation and implications to help students make informed decision about selecting S/U option or not. Students may be referred to academic adviser or Associate Deans for additional assistance.
  • Should I modify my grading scale to accommodate the S/U policy?

    • No. Faculty should report course grades using currently approved grading scale
      for the course. No modification is required or necessary to accommodate the S/U policy.
  • Should I assign “I” (Incomplete) grades this semester?

    • You may assign and incomplete grades during this semester if a student meets
      criteria for earning an “I” grade. Students who receive an incomplete grade this semester will have until Spring 2021 to complete the course requirements before the “I” grade changes to an “F”.
  • Should I assign “W” (Withdraw) grades this semester?

    • You may choose to withdraw from your classes. Withdrawals this Spring 2020
      semester will not be counted against the limit of five (5) allowed during your academic career. However, it may be counted toward excess credit hours.
  • Should I assign “WF” (Walked Away Failure) grades this semester?

    • A “WF” grade may be assigned if a student walks away without formal
      notification (or unofficial withdrawal) from the course or from the university and ceases to participate in the course after the last day to officially withdraw from the course, without having achieved a final passing grade, and has not received official authorization to withdraw from the course under extenuating circumstances.

Other School of Nursing Students FAQs

  • Are immunizations currently being required with the nursing level application packet?

    • Yes. Students can have a healthcare professional complete the TMH Health Assessment Form that is included in the application packet.
  • Has the deadline for the nursing level application been extended?

    • Yes. The deadline for Fall 2020 ONLY, has been extended to May 29, 2020.
  • My nursing level application is incomplete because my high school is closed due to COVID-19 and I cannot get my official transcript.

    • The application deadline has been extended to May 29, 2020. Please contact your school district to see if they can help.
  • Can my recommendation letters be emailed?

    • No. They must be sent to you in a sealed envelope and included in the application
  • I sent a nursing application to the School of Nursing. Does that mean I am accepted into the program?

    • No. The admissions decision will be made by the admissions committee and the applicant will be notified by the School of Nursing.
  • Can I complete and sign the paper for my immunizations?

    • No. This must be completed by a healthcare professional.
  • If I do not get accepted into the School of Nursing in Spring 2020, can I get on admission wait list?

    • No. We do not have admission wait list.
  • Do I need to apply to the University before I can apply to the School of Nursing?

    • Yes. You must be admitted to the University before you submit the School of
      Nursing application.





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