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FAMU to Honor 125 Alumni during Homecoming Gala
October 29, 2012

. — Florida A&M University (FAMU) will honor 125 alumni during its 125th Anniversary Gala, November 9, 2012, for their outstanding achievements, financial support and service to the National Alumni Association.

“We are looking forward to having these outstanding Rattlers back on the campus so that we can show our appreciation for their accomplishments and unwavering support of the university,” said Larry Robinson, interim president for FAMU.  “We are looking forward to a grand affair as we celebrate our 125th Anniversary.”

Among the lists are former presidents of FAMU, chief executive officers of corporations, educators, lawyers, film producers and directors, college administrators and professors, physicians and journalists.  This group will be honored on Friday, November 9, at 7 p.m. in the Alfred L. Lawson Jr. Multipurpose Center and Teaching Gymnasium.  At 6 p.m., an invitation only reception is scheduled.  Tickets for the gala are $125 per person and $1,000 for a table of eight.  Online purchases can be made at

“It is an impressive list of graduates who have shown their dedication to the university in ways that have helped the university to thrive,” said Sharon Saunders, chair of the 125th Anniversary Planning Committee.  “Nearly 200 individuals were nominated.  The committee had a tough time whittling the list down to 125.”

To be honored as one of the Outstanding Alumni of the Quasquicentennial, the individual had to be nominated.  An independent panel, selected and chaired by the FAMU National Alumni Association with representation from all alumni regions and the university, evaluated each nominee based on their professional achievements, civic involvement, and community service.  The nominees were further evaluated based on their financial contributions to the university and membership in the National Alumni Association.  In alphabetical order, the honorees are as follows:

Corey Alston
Torey Alston
James H. Ammons, Ph.D.
Gregory Anderson
Aaron P. Arnold
E. Belicia Ayers, Esq.
Alice Bacon
Solomon L. Badger III, Ed.D.
Leroy Bell Sr.
Alvin F. Benton Jr.
Amber D. Benton
Alfreda Blackshear, M.D.
Richard “Dick” Blake
Mirion P. Bowers, M.D.,

Joe Briggs, Esq
Charlie Brown
Corrine Brown, U.S. Congresswoman
Willie L. Bryant, D.D.S.
Atira C. Charles, Ph.D.
Gregory L. Clark
Yvonne Hayling Clarke
Gwenesia Smith Collins, PharmD.
Alfonso N. Cornish II, Esq.
Clara Davis
Carol Davis, PharmD.
Richard A. Dent III
Seabon Dixon III
Robert B. Donaldson, Ph.D.
Makeba S. Earst, D.D.S
Allesa Jackson English, PharmD., M.D.
Donald E. Fennoy II, Ed.D.
Pearl Lindbergh Ferguson
Charles L. Fields
Tamara Foreman, PharmD.
Emma James Fountain
Roland H. Gaines
Fred Gainous, Ed.D.
Tamara Garrett, Esq.
Andrew Gillum
Kim Godwin
Lillian Granderson
Freddie Groomes-McLendon
Rob Hardy

Cheryl A. Harris
Brodes H. Hartley Jr.
Jacquelyn Hartley, Ph.D.
Joseph Hatchett, Esq.
John Haugabrook
Robert Hayling

Doris Hicks
Rosalie A. Hill, Ph.D.
Adriel Hilton, Ph.D.
Eric Hinson
Bishop C. Holifield, Esq.
Earl Holmes
Marlon Honeywell, PharmD.
Frederick S. Humphries, Ph.D.
Leonard L. Inge
David Jackson Jr., Ph.D.
Eddie Jackson
C. Sha’Ron James, Esq.
Michael A. James
C. William “Bill” Jennings
Ronald Joe
Oscar A. Joyner
Arthenia Joyner, U.S. Senator
T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh
Bernard Kinsey, Ph.D.
Shirley Kinsey
Tracy Harmon-Kizer, Ph.D.
Alfred L. Lawson Jr.
Lasalle Leffall, M.D.
Margaret Lewis, Ph.D.
Henry Lewis III, PharmD.
Charles R. Lewis III
Ray C. Long

Clinton D. McGill
James “Skip” McLemore

Spurgeon McWilliams, M.D.
Monroe Mack, PharmD.
Altha F. Manning
Carmen Cummings Martin
Honorable Carrie P. Meek, Congresswoman (Ret.)
Mitzi Miller
Tommy L. Mitchell Sr.
Paul B. Mohr Sr., Ph.D.
Rufus Montgomery
Sonia Jackson Myles
Nick F. Nelson
Will Packer
Daryl Parks, Esq.
Maurice Pickett
Robert Porter
Wesley S. Puryear
Jonathan Quarles
Tiffany Butler Quaye
George H. Rawls, M.D.
Garth Reeves
Adam J. Richardson
William H. Robinson Ph.D.
Vernell Ross
Leo P. Sam Jr.
Sharon P. Saunders
Keisha L. Senter
Belinda Reed Shannon, Esq.
Jerry A. Simmons
Walter L. Smith, Ph.D.
Thrya Starr
Shawnta Friday-Stroud, Ph.D.
Theodore N. Taylor, Esq.
Shundrawn A. Thomas
John W. Thompson
Valencia P. Walker, M.D.
Leila A. Walker, Ph.D.
Keshia Walker
Joseph L. Webster Sr., M.D.
Nathaniel Wesley
Karl E. White
Tirrell D. Whittley
Alan B. Williams
Dorothy P. Williams
Ralph L. Wilson
Joey Womack III
Arthur Woodard, Ph.D.
Freddie Gilliam Young, Ed.D.

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