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Former Miss FAMU Kindall Johnson Named Female Student of the Year by HBCU Digest
May 1, 2012

. — Florida A&M University (FAMU) alumna Kindall Johnson was recently named the Female Student of the Year by HBCU Digest.

Johnson, who graduated in the spring of 2011, served as Miss FAMU 2010-2011, worked as a resident assistant in McGuinn Hall, a presidential ambassador, a counselor with Camp Adventure and participated in the Clinton Global Initiative University.

“It is an honor to still be able to represent the greatest historically black college/university in the world as a recent grad,” she said. “It is refreshing to know the love I have for my alma mater and the service I gave as a student did not go unnoticed. In my opinion, my greatest accomplishment as a student was being able to humble myself and realize what I was doing was far beyond me. I did it because I believe in FAMU, and I want our legacy to continue for generations to come.”

Johnson currently works as a congressional fellow at the United States House of Representatives in Washington DC.

She said something she learned at FAMU is that “only the strong survive,” and individuals have to be mentally, spiritually and emotionally tough to be a leader at FAMU.

“A good leader has to be passionate about the cause they are championing and the people they are serving,” the Tampa, Fla. native said. “A good leader has to have strong supporters who keep them encouraged in adversity, because it will come. Finally, a great leader is disciplined, organized and knows how to ask for help.”

Johnson was presented with the FAMU Student Leadership Award, which she dedicated to her brother, Braxton Johnson, who passed away while she was a student.

“I will never forget who he was to me and how much his life changed mine,” she said.

She reminds current students to remember their purpose for attending the university — to get an education.

“Do not allow your past to rob you of a prosperous future,” she said. “You determine your direction. The universe will work out the details.”

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