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Course Description

Courses are grouped by subject matter, indicated by a three-letter prefix. Core courses common to both majors are indicated by (C); major elective courses are indicated by (E);  general elective courses are indicated by (G). 

Computer Applications

CAP 4600 Artificial Intelligence (E). 3 Hrs., Prereq: COP 3710. Problem solving and representation, control strategies, searching strategies, predicate calculus and rule-based deductions, knowledge-based systems, and robotics.

CAP 4680 Expert Systems (E). 3 Hrs., Prereq: COP 3710. Logic models, knowledge representation, developmental tools, and knowledge requisition.

CAP 4700 Computer Graphics (E). 3 Hrs., Prereq:  COP 3530 & CDA 3101.  Graphics in business and scientific applications, graphics evolution, graphics equipment and software, and image algorithms.

Computer Engineering

CEN 4072 Software Testing (E).  The purpose of this course is to build the skills necessary to perform software testing at the function, class, and application level.  Students will be taught concepts of black-box (functional and boundary) testing, and white-box (coverage-based) testing, and apply these concepts to small programs and components (functions and classes).

Computer Design and Architecture

CDA 3101 Computer Concepts and Organization (C). 3 Hrs., Prereq: COT 3100, COP 3014, and COP 3014L. Fundamental concepts and terminology associated with computer hardware architecture and operating systems. Introduction to assembly language and digital logic design.

CDA 4102 Computer Architecture. 3 Hrs., Prereq: CDA 3101. Instruction sets, CPU design, arithmetic algorithms, I/O communication techniques, memory hierarchy, memory management, RISC architectures, pipeline and vector processing.

CDA 4503 Data Communications and Networks (C). 3 Hrs., Prereq: COP 3530 and CDA 3101. Communication systems components, networks, LANs, common carrier services, network architectures, and distributed information systems.

Computer General Studies

CGS 2120 Introduction to Microcomputer Applications with Programming. 3 Hrs., Prereq: MAC 1147 and CIS major. Survey of the field of computing.  Discusses historical development of hardware and software.  Selected microcomputer applications explored.  Introduction to programming in a high-level language.

Computer Information Systems

CIS 1920 Professional Development I (C). 1 Hr., Prereq: CIS Major. Structured activities and workshops designed to introduce freshman and sophomore CIS majors to computer applications in society at large and in selected corporations and to assist these students in acquiring knowledge, skills, and etiquette required for success as computer information systems professionals.

CIS 2900/4900 Directed Independent Study. 1-4 Hrs., Prereq: To Be Specified. Individualized study and research under faculty supervision. The topic of study or research project must have been decided upon by the student and approved by the instructor prior to registration.

CIS 2942/4942 Information Systems Internship (G). 1-12 Hrs., Prereq: CIS 1920 or CIS 3920. Structured work assignment for freshman or sophomore or junior or senior CIS majors in an information systems or systems software development unit of a corporation or governmental agency. Requires seminar participation, reports, and evaluations.

CIS 2949/4949 Cooperative Education Assignment (G). 1-12 Hrs. Structured work-study assignment for sophomore (CIS 2949) or junior or senior (CIS 4949) CIS majors in an information systems or systems software development unit of a corporation or governmental agency. The work-study assignment involves alternating semesters of off-campus work and on-campus study.  Requires seminar participation, reports, and evaluations.

CIS 3040 Information Systems in Organizations (C). 3 Hrs., Prereq: Junior standing & COP 3014. Basic management and organization theory; general systems approach to solving problems; tools of systems planning, analysis, design, and implementation; fundamentals of computer processing, database, and communications; and data processing, management information, decision support, and office automation systems. Utilizes case studies.

CIS 3920 Professional Development III (C). 1 Hr., Prereq: CIS 1920. Structured activities and workshops designed to assist junior and senior CIS majors in enhancing knowledge, skills, and etiquette required for success as computer information systems professions and to facilitate their entry into industry and government or graduate school.  Should be taken during Spring semester of junior year.

CIS 4301 Information Systems Design and Development (C).   3 Hrs., Prereq: CIS 3040 and COP 3710. Development life cycle. Management and planning of systems development projects. Emphasis on Information requirements analysis, logical specification, logical design, and detailed design. Case studies are utilized. Should be taken in semester just prior to taking CIS 4910.

CIS 4360 Information to Computer Security (E). 3 Hrs. Major issues and threats in computer security are introduced.  Techniques for guaranteeing privacy and integrity of data.  Topics include:  computer viruses, physical, communication, information flow control, database, operating system security.

CIS 4361 Applied Security (E). 3 Hrs., Prereq:  CIS 4362.  Issues of security vulnerabilities and protection.  Hands on laboratories to apply techniques and tools.  Also included are current issues that impact personal and corporate computing.

CIS 4362 Network Security (E). 3 Hrs.  Issues of network security from authentication to non-repudiation.  Fundamental theories of network security including public and private key cryptographic techniques.  Other topics include network defenses such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems, public key infrastructures, and other security enabling techniques.

CIS 4910 Information Systems Development Project (C). 3 Hrs., Prereq: CIS 4301 & COP 3060. The capstone of the CIS program. A team project requiring development or enhancement of a computer system usually designed in CIS 4301.

CIS 4932 Special Topics (E). 3 Hrs., Prereq: To Be Specified. A course offered on some topic that is of special interest and may be the subject of a future regular course.

Computer Programming

COP 3014 Fundamentals of Programming (C). 3 Hrs., Prereq: MAC 2311. An introduction to computers and programming. Utilizes a high-level programming language. Covers the evolution of hardware and software, problem solving and algorithm development, program data types and structures, program control constructs, and program development methods and style.

COP 3014L Fundamentals of Programming Lab (C). 1 Hr., Prereq: MAC 2311. Introduction to the operating system and programming environment required to develop programs in the language utilized in COP 3014. Requires completion of completion of lab assignments designed to develop programming and debugging skills.

COP 3530 Program, File, and Data Structures (C). 3 Hrs., Prereq: COP 3014. Advanced programming, file organization and accessing, and data structures with emphasis on software engineering principles related to good program design, documentation, and coding techniques.

COP 2120 COBOL Programming (E). 3 Hrs., Prereq:  COP 3530.  Analysis of business applications; files, records, fields, and databases; structured program development in COBOL; control breaks; and batch processing.

COP 3060 Concepts in Advanced Application Development (C). 3 Hrs., Prereq: COP 3530 & COP 3710. Explore concepts in developing advanced computer applications. Will use JAVA programming language to implement advanced application, but will also include topics in HTML and CGI programming.

COP 3610 Operating Systems. 3 Hrs., Prereq: COP 3530 & CDA 3101. Operating systems concepts including process management, concurrent processing, resource allocation and deadlock, memory management, job and processor scheduling, secondary storage management, and security.

COP 3710 Database Management Systems (C). 3 Hrs., Prereq: COP 3530. Database concepts and environment, database development process, data modeling (entity-relationship, object-oriented, and relational) and logical database design, and SQL.

COP 4020 Programming Languages. 3 Hrs., Prereq: COP 3530 & CDA 3101. Central concepts of programming languages involving paradigms, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and implementation and the application of these concepts to a variety of languages.

COP 4720 Advanced Database Management Systems (E). 3 Hrs., Prereq: COP 3710. Physical database design, advanced SQL, QBE and graphical interfaces, data base administration (concurrency control, security, recovery), client/server and distributed database, future trends.

Computer Theory

COT 3100 Discrete Structures I (C). 3 Hrs., Prereq: MAC 2311. Purpose is to ensure the necessary logical, mathematical, and analytical skills and basic theoretical foundation for success in subsequent CIS courses. To this end, logic, sets, functions, algorithms, binary arithmetic, recursion, methods of proofs, and proofs of program correctness are studied.

COT 3101 Discrete Structures II. 3 Hrs., Prereq: COT 3100. Sequel to COT 3100. Covers counting techniques, relations, graphs, and trees and the application of these topics to computer science.

COT 4210 Foundations of Computer Science. 3 Hrs., Prereq: COT 3100 and COP 3530. Theoretical foundations of computer science including regular expressions; regular, context-free, and context sensitive grammars; finite and pushdown automata; Turing machines; and unsolvability.

COT 4400 Design and Analysis of Algorithms (E). 3 Hrs., Prereq: COT 3101 & COP 3530. Problem solving strategies, principles of algorithm design, metrics for evaluating designs, space and time complexity, iterative and recursive algorithms, structured and object-oriented paradigms.

Information Systems Management

ISM 4400 Decision Support Systems (E). 3 Hrs., Prereq: CIS 3040.  The design, development, implementation, management, and use of decision support systems including concepts of data management, modeling decision support systems, and decision-making.


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