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The e2Campus System is a self-service, web-based, mass notification system that empowers a school to send instant alerts to all students, faculty & staff's cell phone, email, pager & web page automatically all at once from one easy-to-use interface.

The service can instantly and simultaneously send alerts to a subscriber’s:
  • Mobile phone (via SMS text message); Blackberry; Wireless PDA; or Text pager
  • School email & personal e-mail accounts
  • School Web page (via our Bulletin Board feature)
  • Personal portal (MyYahoo, Google or AOL page)
  • RSS reader
  • Digital signs throughout campus 
e2Campus allows a school administrator(s) to send a message to ten or tens of thousands of people within minutes  without having to call anyone at e2Campus. Messages can be initiated from anywhere via the web or net-connected phone.
The e2Campus web interface allows Administrators to setup accounts and groups, create registration forms and bulletin boards, send advisories, manage subscribers, and view reports. Subscribers can self-manage their accounts to register or deactivate the service, update phone numbers or email addresses, and join available groups.
Because e2Campus is completely web-based, it will not clog up your own IT infrastructure, nor will it require many man-hours to install, integrate, and operate. And, you do not need additional phone lines for the system to work. e2Campus can offer a toll-free phone number to handle first-level and second-level technical support issues, should the need arise.

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