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Database Name Subject Description
Making of Modern Law, TheGeneral, Multidisciplinary & ReferenceShow Description
Marine Biotechnology AbstractsLife SciencesShow Description
Material ConneXion (Trial ends 4-27-12)Engineering & TechnologyShow Description
Materials Business FileEngineering & TechnologyShow Description
Materials Research DatabaseEngineering & TechnologyShow Description
Mechanical & Transportation Engineering AbstractsGeneral, Multidisciplinary & ReferenceShow Description
Mechanical Engineering AbstractsEngineering & TechnologyShow Description
Media Law Reporter Public Affairs & LawShow Description
Medical JournalsMedicine & Health SciencesShow Description
MEDLINE Medicine & Health SciencesShow Description
MEDLINE (FS)Medicine & Health SciencesShow Description
MEDLINE (PubMed)Medicine & Health SciencesShow Description
MEDLINEplusMedicine & Health SciencesShow Description
Medscape Clinical ReferenceMedicine & Health SciencesShow Description
Mergent Intellect (trial ends 4-30-13)Business, Industry & EconomicsShow Description
Mergent Investor Edge (trial ends 4-30-13)Business, Industry & EconomicsShow Description
Mergent OnlineBusiness, Industry & EconomicsShow Description
Merriam-Webster's Collegiate DictionaryGeneral, Multidisciplinary & ReferenceShow Description
Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary and ThesaurusGeneral, Multidisciplinary & ReferenceShow Description
Miami HeraldNews & Current EventsShow Description
Microbiology AbstractsLife SciencesShow Description
MICROMEDEX 2.0Medicine & Health SciencesShow Description
MicroPatent Materials Patents Engineering & TechnologyShow Description
MLA Directory of PeriodicalsArt & HumanitiesShow Description
MLA International BibliographyArt & HumanitiesShow Description
Music Literature Abstracts (RILM)Art & HumanitiesShow Description
MyiLibraryGeneral, Multidisciplinary & ReferenceShow Description