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L - Databases
Database Name Subject Description
Labor and Employment Law LibraryPublic Affairs & LawShow Description
Laws of FloridaPublic Affairs & LawShow Description
Legal TracPublic Affairs & LawShow Description
LexicompMedicine & Health SciencesShow Description
Lexis Nexis AcademicPublic Affairs & LawShow Description
Library Literature and Information ScienceEducationShow Description
Library of Congress American MemoryHistoryShow Description
Library of Congress THOMASPublic Affairs & LawShow Description
Linguistics & Language Behavior AbstractsArt & HumanitiesShow Description
LIONArt & HumanitiesShow Description
LISTAEducationShow Description
Literature Criticism OnlineArt & HumanitiesShow Description
Literature in ContextArt & HumanitiesShow Description
Literature Resource CenterArt & HumanitiesShow Description
LitFinderArt & HumanitiesShow Description
Local History and Genealogy Reading RoomAfrican American StudiesShow Description
Los Angeles TimesNews & Current EventsShow Description