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H - Databases
Database Name Subject Description
Handbook of Latin American Studies General, Multidisciplinary & ReferenceShow Description
Health & Safety Sciences AbstractsMedicine & Health SciencesShow Description
Health & Wellness Resource Center Medicine & Health SciencesShow Description
Health Reference Center - Academic Medicine & Health SciencesShow Description
Health Sciences: A Sage Full Text Collection Medicine & Health SciencesShow Description
Heritage of the Printed BookHistoryShow Description
Historic Events of the 20th Century HistoryShow Description
Historic Government Publications from World War II HistoryShow Description
Historical Abstracts HistoryShow Description
History of Science, Technology, and Medicine HistoryShow Description
History Resource Center HistoryShow Description
History VaultHistoryShow Description
Hoovers Company Information (Capsules & Profiles) Business, Industry & EconomicsShow Description
Human Genome Abstracts Life SciencesShow Description
Humanities Full Text Art & HumanitiesShow Description