Census Information Center

Census Information Center

Welcome to the Census Information Center (CIC) at Florida A& M University. The Florida A & M University Census Information Center (FAMU-CIC) is part of a national data dissemination network for the United States Bureau of Census. It is an official source for population, housing, and economic data for Florida with an emphasis on Gadsden, Franklin, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty, Madison, Taylor, and Wakulla counties.

Our Mission

The FAMU-CIC aids in the democratization of data by helping under-served and disadvantaged  populations learn how to use census data to empower themselves. This overriding goal is accomplished by employing appropriate technologies and expertise to analyze and facilitate the dissemination of data, increasing awareness and promoting use of census data, and providing easy access to data and relevant reports to African American and other minority communities throughout Florida. Among the groups it serves are non-profit community-based organizations, educators, students, and businesses. While it targets under-served communities, the FAMU-CIC also provides services for the general public.

Overview of Census Information Center Program

The Census Information Center (CIC) Program was started in 1988 as a community-based component of the U. S. Census Bureau’s Data Dissemination Network. The mission of the CIC is to make census information available to under-served communities whose utilization of census information is severely limited. The CIC Program strives to address two fundamental concerns: a lack of access and use of census data and a lack of participation in Census Bureau censuses and surveys by underserved communities. These same communities represent those in our society that experience persisting socioeconomic disadvantages. The situation has been aggravated by their lack of access to public information resources that might help to improve their lives. The CIC Program is designed to broaden delivery of information and analysis of the socioeconomic conditions of underserved communities.

In August 2000, Florida A & M University, along with 53 national, regional, and local organization, was chosen through a competitive process to participate in the CIC Program. Combined with five founding Census Information Centers, the program now includes 59 organizations representing minority serving colleges and universities, minority chambers of commerce, think tanks, and other research and national non-profit organizations representing underserved communities.

Tailoring census data to the local communities and the local groups they serve,  CICs provide tremendous benefits to their constituents. Not only do they interpret and explain what census data mean for local communities and neighborhoods,  they increase awareness, education, and understanding of the value and uses of census data.

Location and Staff of the FAMU-CIC

The Florida A& M University Census Information Center (FAMU-CIC) is housed in the Department of History, Political Science, Geography and African American Studies in Tucker Hall. The Walk-in Center is located in Room 310, Tucker Hall. The core staff of the Center consists of a director, Dr. Juanita Gaston, associate professor of geography and  an assistant director, Dr. Gary Paul,  professor of political science.  In collaboration with faculty from various departments and schools throughout the University, the Center utilizes an inter-disciplinary staff of specialists, including geographers, political scientists, public policy analysts, mathematicians, and economists to conduct research and participate in activities. Additionally, internships and volunteer opportunities are available.

The objectives of the FAMU-CIC are to:

  • serve as an outreach focal point for census data, awareness, and issues that impact African American and other under-served communities in Florida;
  • provide access to census data and information to under-served communities by the Internet and to those without access to the Internet through other non-technical data dissemination formats, such as CD-ROMs, facsimiles, newsletters, telephone, reports,  and workshops, and press releases;
  • package census data in ways that make the data and implications of the data accessible and/or easily understood by those who may have difficulty finding the right information or drawing relevant implications unassisted;
  • provide non-technical assistance, training, and consultation to help the community access and utilize census data effectively;
  • partner with data and research organizations to empower minority communities through information;
  • provide limited walk-in access for the retrieval of census data, and reports;
  • encourage FAMU students and faculty to integrate Census material in their classrooms and research; and
  • promote university-community involvement in community development

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Contact Info

515 Orr Drive
Tucker Hall, Room 310
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

P: 850.412.7545

E: juanita.gaston@famu.edu