Office of Technology Transfer
The Office of Technology Transfer, Licensing and Commercialization (OTTLC) is housed in the Hoffman Building located at 660 Ardelia Court; the intent of this division is:
  • to encourage FAMU employees and students to disclose novel developments that add value to their research and also have commercial potential;
  • to facilitate the process, management and commercialization of intellectual property generated by FAMU faculty, staff and students;
  • to provide guidance on setting intellectual property policies and procedures; and
  • to identify and process appropriate protective mechanism including:
    • patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, service marks and domain names; and
    • identify markets, negotiate licenses for new technologies, and make arrangements for incubation services.
The OTTLC staff looks forward to assisting all university employees, students and partners from the community to converting ideas into commercial realities. For more detailed information about basic patent information please the following website.


Tanaga Boozer, J.D., MBA
Director of Technology Transfer
Office: (850) 412-7232/7233
Direct Line: (850) 412-7237
Fax: (850) 412-7290

Sharon Snelling
Office Manager
Office: (850) 412-7232/7233
Direct Line: (850) 412-7236
Fax: (850) 412-7290

   Reba Hartsfield
   Office Assistant
   Office: (850) 412-7232/7233
   Fax: (850) 412-7290

Graduate Students

Student Workers: (850) 412- 7234 and (850) 412- 7238

Randolph Duerna – Graduate Patent Associate
Medicinal Chemistry, Ph.D Candidate

Ruben Nelson
– Graduate Patent Associate
Electrical Engineering, Ph.D Candidate

Undergraduate Students

Frank Peterman
Graphic Design Associate/Journalism, Junior

Julia Dias

Brazilian Technology Transfer Exchange Student [Abstract]

Contact Info

660 Ardelia Court
Tallahassee, FL 32310

P: (850) 412-7232