Division of Student Affairs

William E. Hudson Jr., Ph.D

Welcome to the Division of Student Affairs at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU), the highest of seven hills in Tallahassee, FL. The Division of Student Affairs is committed to ensuring the best experiences imaginable academically, emotionally and socially to promote student success. We engage students through a variety of activities encouraging critical thinking in leadership, social activism, ethics, safety, and teamwork in a global economy.  We foster growth and development during the academic year through convocations, internships, leadership programs, and other collaborative efforts with the university community.

Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the many programs and services offered through the Division of Students Affairs which include: Admissions, Diversity and Inclusion, Enrollment Management, Campus Safety and Security, Parking Services, Financial Aid, New Student Orientation, Welcome Center, Ombudsman, IGNITE Transfer Program, Campus Recreation, Career Center, Educational Research Center for Child Development (ERCCD), Residential Life, Efferson Student Union and Activities, Student Government Association, Center for Disability Access and Resources (CeDAR), Counseling Center, Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution, Student Health Services, TRIO (Student Support Services, Educational Talent Search, Educational Opportunity Center, Upward Bound Math &Science) and Military and Veteran Affairs.  The FAMU experience is designed to expand your personal and educational interest opening your mind to different ideas and cultures. Great things happen at FAMU every day.  

Always Remember, the Rattlers will STRIKE and STRIKE and STRIKE again!


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William E. Hudson Jr., Ph.D.

Contact Info

1700 Lee Hall Dr.
308 Foote-Hilyer(FHAC)
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

P: (850)599-3183
F: (850)561-2674

E: student.affairs@famu.edu