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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does FAMU match another university's scholarship offer? No, we do not. If you believe your aid package deserves a review, request it in writing through the financial aid office. However, the amount of the scholarship will not be adjusted to match another offer.

I have outside scholarship check(s) made payable to me. Am I required to notify the financial aid department? Yes, federal regulations require ALL students who receive financial assistance via internal or external sources to notify the FAMU Office of Financial Aid.

I have a scholarship check made payable to FAMU and me. Can I cash the check and keep the funds? No. Endorse the check and include your SID#. Deliver the check to the Office of Student Accounts. The funds will be applied toward your matriculation charges.

Will additional internal or external scholarships affect my University scholarship? Yes, it can. Additional internal or external scholarship funds will be applied first, then the University Scholarship. If the aid package exceeds your financial need or your cost of attendance, the University Scholarship will be reduced.

When should I notify the Office of Financial Aid of additional scholarships? As soon as the donor notifies you in writing. You may provide a copy of the written communication to the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Does FAMU consider super scores on the SAT and/or ACT? Yes, as long as the scores are submitted and on file in the Office of Admissions prior to November 30. On file, not postmarked.

Can I submit a new transcript after the November 30 deadline to improve my GPA? No, all official transcripts must be submitted, processed and on file in the Office of Admissions prior to November 30. On file, not postmarked.

Can I apply for the scholarship without applying to the University? No, you must have a completed admissions application on file in the Office of Admissions prior to November 30, in order to be considered for any university scholarship. On file, not postmarked.

Can I submit a paper scholarship application in lieu of the electronic application? No, only electronic scholarship applications will be considered. How can I prepare for the ALEKS Math Placement Exam? You can contact FAMU Testing at famutesting@famu.edu from your FAMU email account to instructions. The proctored exam will take place on campus. For additional questions or concerns, contact the Testing Office via the aforementioned email.

Does FAMU calculate /- in the high school GPA? No, FAMU does not calculate the /- in the GPA.

What does the Life-Gets-Better Scholarship cover? Eligible scholars will receive an award to cover the cost of tuition, minus the sum of Florida Bright Futures, the National Merit® award or other scholarships and awards.  The scholarship will cover fees asociated with tuition, minus the postal fee and the orientation fee.  The scholarship will provide $2,790 to use toward university housing and $2,246 to use toward board (university meal plan).  The scholarship will provide a $750 book award.

What are FAMU's codes for the ACT and SAT? The ACT code is 0726. The SAT code is 5215.

What is the FAFSA code for FAMU? The code is 001480.

When must I submit the FAFSA? The FAFSA must be submitted on file in the financial aid office prior to March 1. No FAFSA, scholarship terminates.

What are the Natural sciences?  The Natural sciences are chemistry, physics, biology and geology.  FAMU offers undergraduate degree programs in chemistry, physics, and biology.

What are the Life Sciences?  The Life sciences are biology, botany, zoology, microbiology, physiology, and biochemistry.

What is room and board?  Room is a space in a university residence hall.  Board is a university meal plan.

What is an academic year?  For scholarship purposes it is the fall and spring semesters.

What happens after the second year, does the scholarship provide funding toward off-campus room and board?  Students in good standing and who submit the application may be considered and approved to move off-campus.  The exception are recipients of the Benacquisto scholarship.  These funds can be used to toward off-campus living for an additional two academic years.

What happens if a student fails to meet the GPA requirement?  A student who does not maintain a 3.0 GPA by the end of the spring semester shall be ineligible to continue in the program.

What happens if a student fails to meet the credit hours requirement?  A student who does not meet the required credit hours shall be ineligible to continue in the program. 

What is the appeal process for scholarship terminations?  A scholar who believes financial aid has been wrongly denied has certain rights to appeal. If aid is denied for failure to meet state academic progress requirements (for Benacquisto only) or the university academic progress requirements, an applicant may appeal the denial by providing proof of illness or other emergency beyond the scholar's control. An academic appeal is to be filed within 30 days after the fall or spring semester has ended.  The requests will go before the Academic Regulations Appeals Committee.  The appeals document can be secured from the college/school representative.  Please click here to read additional information on the appeals process.  You must follow the committee’s procedure.

What happens if I fail to submit my validated FAFSA to the FAMU Office of Financial Aid, prior to March 1?  The first infraction, the scholarship may be reinstated.  Any other failures will result in the termination of the scholarship, and it will not be reinstated at a later date.  Please make sure you are compliant.