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Student Technology Fee

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Phone  850.599.3560
Fax  850.561.2292

Student Technology Fee
1610 S. MLK Blvd
University Commons Ste. G115
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

Technology Fee Project Proposal Process

The Technology Fee proposal process outlines how funding will be allocated to projects and how projects will be submitted, evaluated,
prioritized, and managed.

Submission of Proposals

Projects proposed will be evaluated within the TF criteria and considered based on need. Proposals can be submitted from: the Internal and
External University community including departments, college or schools, students, and groups. Submission of the projects is outlined below:

1) Complete and submit the Student Technology Fee Proposal Form.
2) Be sure to attach all relevant support documentation
3) Once you click submit your proposal will be automatically submitted to stf@famu.edu

Criteria for Proposals

Proposals submitted for use the Technology Fee funds shall be prioritized and accepted based on the following criteria:  
  • Technological/Infrastructure (circle one) needs and services directly related to enhancing instruction and learning for students.
  • Provide a stable technologically current network and computing environment for Students and Faculty.
  • Instructional Technology, Media Center or Library for program application or services.
  • College or School (academic departments or unit), for enhancement of the education of students.
  • Other development that enhances student instruction and learning activities or student outcomes.

Project proposals should not be suggested for the enhancement of individual courses or other program-specific functions since
there are other resources that are intended to provide funding these purposes. 

Project proposals will include resource requirements, as appropriate, for:
  • Hardware which meets standards established by the Board of Trustees
  • Software which meets the standards established by the Board of Trustees

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Proposal Schedule

Important Dates for the STF Funding Cycle Fall Cycle Spring Cycle
First call for Project Proposals September 9 January 13
Second call for Project Proposals September 16 January 20
Deadline for Project Proposals October 20 February 3
Notification of rejection or invitation of interview October 28 February 17
Interview of accepted projects with the STF Fund Committee November 4 March 3
Notification of funded proposals to Principal Investigator November 11 March 10
University notification of funded proposals November 13 March 14
Funding available to awarded proposals November 18 March 17
Progress Reports Due 6 months after award 6 months after award

Proposal Procedures

Project proposals for use of the Technology Fee funds must approved by the President and/or Provost.
The Technology Fee Committee will review each project and make recommendations to the President.
All projects must be submitted as outlined in the Student Technology Fee Proposal Form. A detailed explanation is
provided under Guidelines and Administration of Student Technology Fee Funds.

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