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Student Technology Fee

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
Phone  850.599.3560
Fax  850.561.2292

Student Technology Fee
1610 S. MLK Blvd
University Commons Ste. G115
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

Guidelines for Expenditures

The Technology Fee is an additional resource to supplement the current operational funds budgeted for campus technology. The TF will be utilized to fund projects under the scrutiny and approval of the Technology Fee Committee (TFC) that evaluates such proposed projects on the project selection criteria.   

Areas applicable for funding include:
  • Funding for Technological/Infrastructure needs and services directly realted to enhancing instruction and learning for students.
  • Funding that will provide a stable technologically current network and computing environment for Students and Faculty.
  • Funding for Technology, Media Center or Library for program application or services
  • Funding for College or School (academic departments or unit), for enhancement of the education of students, and
  • Other developments that enhances student instruction and learning activities or student outcomes
Project Initiation Format

Projects and proposals will be submitted on a standard template and must provide the following information:
  • Project Type
  • Project Goals and Objectives
  • Brief Description of Project and Project Relation to FAMU Strategic Plan or Work Plan
  • Demonstrated Need
  • Number/Percentage of Students/Courses(s) served
  • Expected Impact on Student Learning
  • Methodology of Measuring Impact on Student Learning
  • How will success be measured? Provide metrics
  • Describe Sustainability of Project
  • Detailed Budget of all items requested
  • Describe Ongoing Costs, if applicable
  • Provide description of additional funds
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Management of Project

The following guidelines will be established to ensure proper project management and overall accountability throughout the duration of the project:


  • Each project must have a project coordinator. This individual will be responsible and accountable for all aspects of the Project
  • Cost monitoring will be accomplished and any project changes which require an increase in cost will be required to have approval from the STF Fund committee before proceeding.
  • Project reporting will be made each semester, mapping actual identified success criteria to metrics provided in the proposal.
  • Projects will be closed out with all accounting entries and a report of accomplishments.
  • Failure to comply may impact your project and any future proposals.
  • For any facility related Projects, contact the FAMU Department of Construction and Facilities Management
  • Failure to provide a Progress Report will affect any request for future projects


Management of Fees

  • The following principles will apply to management of the fees collected:
  • The fees will be collected and maintained in a dedicated account and all expenditures for projects funded from the account will be approved and paid from that account.
  • Allocations of funding will be made at only 80% of collected fees for the year and 20% being maintained for interim cycle projects and contingencies.
  • An objective cost review will be conducted in order to assure accurate estimates.
  • Reports on project expenditures will be made on a periodic basis.
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