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Specific degree requirements for the Masters, Doctor of Pharmacy, Doctor of Philosophy and Juris Doctor (JD) are listed in the applicable graduate programs. Normally, 5000 level courses or higher may be counted toward a masters degree. Upon the recommendation of the division Chairperson and Dean, a maximum of six semester hours of 4000 level courses may be included in the requirements for a graduate degree. Students seeking second master’s degree must complete 18-24 graduate semester hours beyond what is required for the first master degree. Please see the School of Graduate Studies and Research section of this publication for additional information on graduate degree requirements.


Transfer Credit-Graduate Degrees
A maximum of six credit hours from other institutions approved by their regional accrediting agency, with “B” grades or better may be allowed
1.       Six semester hours may be allowed for extension credits provided such credits were earned through a Florida Institution with regional accreditation; or
2.      Six semester hours may be allowed for workshop participation, in keeping with the regulation above; or
3.      Six semester hours may be allowed for credits earned while in residence at another university; or
4.      Up to six semester hours in any combination of the three categories above may be allowed.
Acceptance of such credit does not reduce the period of required residence for the master’s degree. Workshops are not normally classified as residence work on or off campus. Credit toward the master’s degree is not allowed for courses taken through correspondence.

Recency  of Coursework—The requirements for the master’s and doctoral degrees should be met within seven (7) calendar years. For work that has extended beyond the seven-year period, the student should contact his or her program director for a re-evaluation of his or her entire program. In this re-evaluation, additional courses may be required that will provide a well-rounded program.

Comprehensive Examination
As partial fulfillment of the requirements for the master’s or doctoral degree, a candidate may be required by the division chairperson to pass a comprehensive examination in his or her major field. At the option of the division concerned, the examination may be written or oral. Doctoral students should consult their academic department and/or refer to specific degree requirements listed elsewhere in this catalog.

 The residence requirements for the master’s degree will be determined by the college or school within which the degree is offered. Students completing theses or dissertations must register each term until the degree is awarded.

Thesis/Dissertation-Students writing theses and dissertations are required to be enrolled. All candidates for the master of science degree and doctor of philosophy are required to submit an acceptable thesis or dissertation.

Some master’s degree programs offer two types of programs: the thesis-type and the internship-type. With departmental approval, the student may choose the option he/she wishes to follow.