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Registrars Office
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If you are interested in taking course(s) but not working toward a degree, you may qualify to register as a non-degree seeking student (provided you have not been denied admission to the university). As a non-degree seeking student, you are required to follow the regular registration procedures and pay the same fees as other students. In addition, a non-degree seeking student application form must be completed and submitted on or before the deadline. Check our Academic Calendar on-line for the term you desire to register.

Non Degree Seeking Students fall into the following categories:
1.       Regular Non Degree- Undergraduate or Graduate. 
2.       Transient- A student who is seeking a degree from another institution, but is taking courses at Florida A&M University to transfer back to his or her home institution
3.       Dual Enroll High School Student
4.       Dual Enroll Community College Student – Tallassee Community College

 Non-degree seeking students are limited to the following stipulations:
1.     Undergraduate Non Degree students cannot earn more than 30 credit hours.
2.     Graduate Non Degree students cannot earn more than 12 credit hours.
If a student wants to continue taking courses after the credit hour limits above have been obtained, the student will need to apply through regular university admission to a degree seeking program. Anyone who attempts to exceed the credit hours above without applying to the university will be placed on a registration hold. The hold can only be cleared upon producing evidence of admission to a degree seeking program.
A graduate GPA will be calculated for non-degree students, based on the graduate courses the student takes at FAMU while in the non-degree status.  Non-degree seeking students whose graduate GPA falls below a 3.0, will not be allowed to continue taking more graduate courses.
To be considered for registration as a Non-degree seeking student, one must submit the following:
 1.     Non-degree Student Application Form and $5.00 Application Fee.  All documents must be submitted by the advertised deadline.  Please see the Academic Calendar for these dates.
2.     An official copy of your transcript.   Proof of having graduated from high school or an official copy of your college transcript from the last school you attended.
3. Graduate Students Only: A signed advisement form from the Department/School/College must be submitted giving the student permission to register in the graduate courses
4.     Immunization certification from Student Health Service.  All immunization documentation is needed on file in the Florida A&M University Student Health Services office at least 30 days before registration.  As a prerequisite to matriculation or registration, the State University System of Florida shall require all students born on or after 1/1/57 to present documented proof of two immunization doses for Measles (Rubeola) and one immunization dose for German Measles (Rubella) 30 days apart.
5.  Proof of Residency.    In accordance with S1009.21 Florida Statutes (F.S.) and the Florida Board of Education rule 6A-10.044, all applicants must provide substantial documentation to support their claim of Florida residence (for example, a copy of your Florida Driver’s License, Florida Vehicle Registration or Title (in your name), and a Florida Voter’s Registration Card. Judgments concerning residency will be made on the basis of all information provided.
6.  Non Degree Seeking Tuition and Fees.  Non Degree Students will  be charged according to the Florida A&M Tuition and Fee Schedule.  Non Degree Students are not eligible for financial aid with the exception of Transient Students.  Transient students must apply for financial aid through their institution and follow the financial aid consortium process.
 Please contact the Florida A&M University Office of the Registrar at (850) 599-3115 for additional information.