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To ensure the quality of educational programs and courses offered through consortia relationships or contractual agreements, the University maintains ongoing compliance with the comprehensive requirements and evaluates the consortia relationship and/or agreement against the purpose of the institution. The University ensures that the quality of educational programs/courses offered through consortia relationships or contractual agreements is in keeping with its goals and mission. The following narrative provides evidence of compliance.

College Consortium for International Studies
AMU is a member of the College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS), a partnership (of accredited two and four-year U.S. and foreign colleges and universities), which shares a commitment to developing a variety of international programs. Through these affiliations with CCIS and the Council for International Education & Exchanges, FAMU students can study in over 100 countries and in most fields. The coursework in these programs is reviewed by faculty in the discipline to ensure that academic integrity is maintained.

Articulation Agreement and Other Instituional Agreements
he University subscribes to the Articulation Agreement between the State University System and the Florida College System. Under this agreement, graduates of Florida’s public colleges are eligible for admission to non-limited access programs at a state university if the student has completed the university parallel program and has received the Associate of Arts degree. Additionally, the student will receive priority admission over out-of-state students. The agreement also ensures the transferability of courses that meet applicable requirements taken at the community colleges to the University.

The Articulation Agreement is overseen, monitored and assessed by the Florida Department of Education Articulation Coordinating Committee (ACC). The primary purpose of the ACC is to provide oversight to the articulation agreement by reconciling designated common prerequisite courses; building institution accountability for adhering to designated program prerequisites and advising students appropriately; surveying the faculty committees to determine the appropriateness of recommended changes in designated prerequisites; conducting a review of public institutions catalogs for verification of common program prerequisites; studying student participation in statewide agreements and conducting a review of current programs that may be candidates for statewide articulation. Additionally, the Office of Statewide Course Numbering System within the Florida Department of Education ensures that courses offered by all public institutions covered by the Articulation Agreement have similar course content and are taught by faculty who possess the appropriate credentials to teach the course.

Leon and Gadsden County High School Students Dual Enrollment Registration
he high school dual enrollment agreement between the Leon and Gadsden County School Boards are reviewed annually by the County School Boards and the University. After review, the agreement must be signed by the Superintendent of the County School System and the President of the University. The term stipulated in the agreement that allows qualified high school students to enroll at no cost is relevant and consistent with the University’s purpose and educational mission.

FAMU-FSU Cooperative Program
he University and Florida State University have a reciprocal agreement that allows students to participate in a cooperative program that permits students to take a limited course load across all academic disciplines at either University. The students must obtain permission of academic officials at both schools before enrollment can occur. No more than half of the credit hours taken by a student during a given term may be taken at FSU.

Florida State University is a fully accredited institution by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) with comprehensive educational programs that have been certified and validated by the Florida Department of Education and many other equivalent agencies.

Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Entomology
he Division of Agricultural Sciences offers a Master of Science degree in Agricultural Sciences and the PhD degree in Entomology in cooperation with the University of Florida. This cooperation between the two Universities, in developing this innovative minority program, represents a historic achievement in the profession of entomology and a landmark in higher education for both Universities. The cooperative PhD in Entomology has received strong support from a number of state and national societies, government agencies and industrial leaders. The PhD is awarded by the University of Florida.