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Kundai Chibanguza 
I anticipate learning about and experiencing another facet of food-related research that I have not yet had the opportunity to delve into. Most importantly, I would ultimately like to produce publishable results that will contribute to the biotechnology world.

Pooja Chinthakuntla
By participating in the REU program, I expect to gain exposure working in a laboratory setting and also in scientific research, documentation and presentation. This program will allow me to learn how to conduct research experiments in order to improve and enhance biology-focused, future research technologies. I hope to achieve an intensive research experience to broaden my knowledge in the field of life sciences.

Gabrielle Hall
By participating in this program, I would like to help discover something ground breaking in the field of medicine. Something that will help people all around the world that suffer with health problems and endless struggles. This program is vital to my path in the field of research. 

Ching Lee
I'm looking to gain knowledge of how the research field of biotechnology is different from other fields of research that I have done such as microbiology, aquaculture, to limnology. I want to learn and gain a good background on biotechnology and how it will affect us in the future.

Suenita Smith
By participating in this program, I hope to learn the standards of how to write research literature. I also want to gain knowledge about different methods used to extract proteins, and understand mechanism of cell recovery. I look forward to meeting new people and networking with other students doing research.

Jessica Suarez
I expect to gain experience, not only the field of biology but in researching and protocol in the science community. My main goal is to retain as much information from my peers, and hope to expand my knowledge. This will be a great experience, and I expect this program to help steer me in a certain direction in my career.

Shelletta Tilghman
By participating in this program I expect to learn the basic skills in the field of biotechnology and having a hands on approach on learning many lab techniques. I also expect to work with proteins, genes, genomes and enzymes to see how the slightest defect can trigger the onset of multiple diseases. My goal is to publish my work in a peer reviewed journal. 

Kathryn Vescio
I expect to learn some invaluable skills in the innovative field of biotechnology, and meet people who will encourage and inspire me. My main goal is to start, finish, and publish a paper/project in 10 weeks. I am excited and grateful for this opportunity, as this experience will be vital and key to my future success.