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A Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) to Florida A&M University that will provide research training for 8 students for 10 weeks, during the summers of 2012-2015.FAMU’s REU is intended to offer undergraduates from colleges and universities that have limited research opportunities a distinctive summer research experience in the biotechnology-related fields. Dr. Gottschalk (PI) has established facility for genomics research and, bioinformatics in the Department of Biology. will be supported by  a  multidisciplinary team of experienced faculty from, The Departments of Biology, Agriculture Sciences and  Chemistry at FAMU, the University of Florida and Tallahassee Community College.
They will provide an intensive, stimulating research experience for 30 undergraduate students in cohorts of 10 participants per year from 2012-2014. The major goal of this project is to provide research experience in cutting-edge technology to young adults as part of their undergraduate education to stimulate their appetite for graduate studies and careers in the life sciences. This program will introduce the students to research methods and ethics, Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR), followed by problem-based research under the guidance of a Ph.D. level mentor. The program will also include visits to other laboratories at neighboring universities and university-hosted facilities, i.e., The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, to broaden students’ exposure to main stream research. Sample projects include, but are not limited to A) genetic engineering of plants to impart resistance to abiotic and biotic stresses, B) unraveling disease pathways in model organisms, C) molecular and cellular studies to understand the defenses against immune attack by pathogens and D) bioinformatics to predict and model the gene-gene interactions and networks
This REU program involving students working with a multidisciplinary team of expert mentors will advance scientific discovery while at the same time promoting learning and retention of under-represented minorities in STEM field. Such a program will benefit society in several ways, 1) by promoting national food security, 2) safeguarding the environment and 3) advancing economic development as it generates a more diverse group of scientists for the future.  Research results accruing from this program will be presented at conferences and disseminated in peer-reviewed publications as part of the assessment of the program’s success.
More information can be found contacting:
The PI, Dr. Virginia Gottschalk, (virginia.gottschalk@famu.edu, 850-561-2750)
The co-PI, Dr. Ramesh Katam (ramesh.katam@famu.edu,ramesh.katam@gmail.com, 850-599-3908)

Please submit Application Forms before March 15, 2013.
Application Form:  .doc