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Office of Procurement Services

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Office of Procurement Services
2380 Wahnish Way
Suite 214
Tallahassee, Florida 32307


Notice of Award for Competitive Solicitations and Sole Source Determinations:

  • The following list shows both currently posted awards and prior award decisions that are no
longer actively posted pursuant to Ch. 120.57(3)
  • To determine the actual beginning and ending date for a particular posting, you must click
on the hypertext link for the competitive solicitation.

A copy of the competitive solicitation tabulation sheet will show the official posting period for the award.

Vendor Note: Failure to file a protest within the time prescribed in section 120.57(3) Florida Statutes,
shall constitute a waiver of proceedings under chapter 120, Florida Statutes.



RFQ 0006-2017 FAMU Attestation and Examination Services

RFQ Advertisement    Date/Time:    01/10/2017 @ 12:00 PM
Quote Due Date          Date/Time     01/17/2017 @   2:30 PM

Anticipated Date for Vendor Selection:    01/31/2017

CONTACT:  Melanie Johnson
                     Procurement Services
                     2380 Wahnish Way
                     Suite 214
                     Tallahassee, FL  32307

DESCRIPTION: Florida A&M University (FAMU) is inviting quotes from qualified companies or individuals
with appropriate skills to serve as an external evaluator that will implement an evaluation plan for the
Center for Coastal and Marine Ecosystems (CCME) and provide the services described in the Scope of
Service outline in RFQ 0006-2017.


__ITB-0005-2016 FAMU DRS Baseball and Softball Field Improvement    CANCELED

Opening Date:         November 14, 2016
Opening Time:        2:00PM
Location:                  2380 Wahnish Way, Suite 214
                                   Tallahassee, FL 32307


RFP 0003-2017   Federal Lobbying Services


Opening Date:     November 29, 2016
Opeing Time:       2:00 PM
Location:             Office of Procurement Services
                            2380 Wahnish Way, Suite 214
                            Tallahassee, FL  32307

Description:  Florida A&M University is seeking to enter
                     into an agreement with a Lobbying Firm to
                     provide professional Federal Lobbying Services