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Department of Public Safety

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
Phone  850.599.3256
Fax  850.561.2615

Department of Public Safety
2400 Wahnish Way
POM Bldg. A, Suite 128
Tallahassee, Florida 32307
Crime Prevention Services and Education
In an effort to help ensure the safety of the university environment, the Department of Campus Safety & Security is actively involved in providing crime prevention services and education to the community at FAMU.

These activities include, but are not limited to delivering:
  • Campus Safety Awareness presentations during New Students Orientation sessions
  • Campus Safety Awareness presentations during Transfer Students Orientation sessions
  • Anti-Hazing Presentations
  • Safety Presentations to Student Housing Groups
  • Safety Presentations to Student Organizations and Groups
  • Safety Presentations to Faculty & Staff Groups
  • Directed/Focus Presentations upon request (e.g., NIMS, building security, active shooter response, DRS, etc.)

Personal Safety & Crime Prevention Tips

Personal Safety

  • Walk or jog in groups of three or more.
  • Avoid isolated or dark areas.
  • Travel with confidence and purpose.
  • Do not wear earphones while walking or jogging.
  • Know the locations of emergency phones.
  • Do not use ATMs at night.
  • Stay alert, and plan ahead for “What if…?”

Residential / Workplace Safety

  • Know your neighbors or coworkers; you are the best one to determine who does not belong.
  • Do not prop open exterior doors.
  • If you come in through an electronic key card access door, do not allow strangers to enter with you on your code. They should have their own cards and codes.
  • Always lock your door when you leave.
  • Lock your door while you sleep or when you work late.
  • Get involved. If you see someone you consider suspicious or out of place, CALL POLICE IMMEDIATELY.

Protecting Your Property

  • Keep your car locked. Store items of value in the trunk
  • Coats, backpacks, and purses should remain with you or be locked up

Safety/Crime Prevention Resource Links