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About the Premedical Program
The Premedical Program at Florida A&M University in the College of Science and Technology is designed to provide services that will prepare students to be competitive in their admissions application to medical or dental school. Advisement, mentoring, and professional development are some of the resources available to support FAMU students as they navigate through this process. Guidelines and timelines are also provided for students to assist them in successfully completing their prerequisite coursework and other requirements to enter professional schools.

Program Goals
The program has the overall goal of providing premedical students at Florida A&M University with the necessary tools, proper guidance, professional exposure and academic advisement for successful entry into medical school; while also examining personal goals, reviewing academic success and providing a realistic evaluation of competitiveness for admission to professional school.

Benefit to the Student
The overall benefit to the student is a more transparent and comprehensive understanding of the pathway to medical school. Students will benefit from a consistent, centralized source of information whereby notification of guest speakers, workshops, mock interviews, mock exams, academic advisement and more are available.

Fran Scott., Asst. Director
Premedical & Medical Scholars Programs
University Commons, Suite 109
Office: (850) 412-7053

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