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Office of Institutional Effectiveness
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Response to the Honorable Rick Scott
Governor of Florida

Response submitted by James H. Ammons, President on November 15, 2011.

Response Narrative - 11/14/11


Appendices for Question A

[A1] Academic Learning Compacts(ALCs), BOG Regulation 8.016

[A2] FAMU Policy and Procedures on ALCs

[A3] Office of University Assessment response to questions B through F

[A4] Responses of Colleges and Schools to questions A through F, and M

[A4.1] College of Agriculture and Food Sciences

[A4.2] School of Allied Health Sciences

[A4.3] School of Architecture

[A4.4] College of Arts and Sciences

[A4.4.1] Biology

[A4.4.2] Chemistry

[A4.4.3] Computer Information Systems

[A4.4.4] English

[A4.4.5] Foreign Language

[A4.4.6] History and Political Science

[A4.4.7] Mathematics

[A4.4.8] Music

[A4.4.9] Philosophy and Religion

[A4.4.10] Physics

[A4.4.11] Psychology 

[A4.4.12] Social Work

[A4.4.13] Sociology and Criminal Justice

[A4.4.14] Theatre

[A4.4.15] Visual Arts and Humanities

[A4.5] School of Business and Industry

[A4.6] College of Education

[A4.6.1] Employer And Completer Survey 2008-2010

[A4.6.2] All Education Programs E-Portfolio Results AYS07-Sprg09

[A4.6.3] PEU Licensure Certification Exam Pass Rates-2005-06 to 2009-10

[A4.6.4.1] Academic Learning Compact 2007-2008 Education Undergraduate

[A4.6.4.2] Academic Learning Compact 2007-2008 Education Graduate

[A4.6.4.3] Academic Learning Compact 2008-2009 Education Undergrad

[A4.6.4.4] Academic Learning Compact 2008-2009 Education Graduate

[A4.6.4.5] Academic Learning Compact 2009-2010 Education

[A4.6.5] Conceptual Framwork Assessment Data 2007-2009

[A4.6.6] Writing Initiative

[A4.6.7] Conceptual Framework (Diagram & Proficiencies)

[A4.6.8] FTCE Professional Ed Competencies

[A4.6.9] FEAPS Preprofessional

[A4.6.10] FELE-FL Educational Leadership Exam

[A4.6.11] Academic Learning Compact Regulations 4-12-07

[A4.6.12] Course Syllabi

[A4.6.13] Exit Survey 2007-2011

[A4.6.14] IPEP

[A4.7] FSU-FAMU College of Engineering

[A4.8] School of The Environmental Sciences

[A4.9] School of Journalism Studies and Graphic Communications

[A4.10] College of Law

[A4.11] School of Nursing

[A4.12] College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


Appendices for Question B

[B1] GEAC response to questions B through E and I

[B2] GEAC Plan

[B3] FAMU Assessment Policy


Appendices for Question C

No new appendices; only B1 referred to earlier


Appendices for Question D

[D1] QEP response to questions C, D, E and M


Appendices for Question J

[J1] List of 50 highest paid employees

[J2] Job descriptions of select 50 highest paid employees

[J2.1] Director, Intercollegiate Athletics

[J2.2] Executive Assistant to the President

[J2.3] General Counsel

[J2.4] Executive Assistant

[J2.5] Head Athletic Coach

[J2.6] University Controller

[J2.7] VP Admin Affairs

[J2.8] Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs


Appendices for Question K

[K1] Profile of feeder high schools


Appendices for Question N

[N1] Expenditures Per Student Credit Hour

[N2.1] President’s Report 2007 - 2008

[N2.2] President’s Report 2008 - 2009 (Large File)

[N2.3] President’s Report 2009 - 2010 (Large File)

[N2.4] President’s Report 2010 - 2011 (Large File)


Appendices for Question O

[O1] List of VVIP stakeholders NEED

[O2] Environmental scan – internal

[O3] Survey to stakeholders

[O4] Survey results

[O5] Surveys of deans and directors

[O6] Environmental scan- external factors

[O7] Strategic Plan- Progress on Key Accountability Indicators

[O8] Strategic Plan progress on goals

(All files are in PDF format. Download the current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view files!)