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The Office of Publications is committed to supporting the efforts of Florida A&M University in upholding its motto of “Excellence With Caring.” The Office helps to identify communications needs and messages through the creation of high-quality publications. The publications office is designed as a full-service agency. Thus, offering a variety of technical and creative expertise. The experienced staff in the Office of Publications is here to help you accomplish your objectives and goals in producing the perfect product.

Florida A&M University has a mission and goal to serve the citizens of Florida and the nation through its academic programs of higher education. In order to present the programs and services available at this institution, pertinent information must be available and distributed to various publics.

The mission of the Office of Publications is to maintain quality and consistent standards in the official publications of FAMU. The offices is charged with responsibility for coordinating requests for printing and related services to:
A) insure accuracy of information distributed to the public;
B) to provide editorial and production assistance; and
C)to take advantage of economics in the mechanics of printing.

Therefore, the Office of Publications is the official supervisory, as well as advisory unit for members of the University faculty, staff and students on matters pertaining to printed materials. While each department and program at FAMU is unique, all are apart of this illustrious academic institution founded in 1887 to give young men and young women the opportunity for a quality education. This is why the Office of Publications works hard to communicate these distinctive characteristics while also ensuring that all publications look like they come from the same cohesive institution. This is why publication guidelines and styles are essential.

Publications Policy
Externally distributed publications must be reviewed by the Office of Publications to guarantee that all publications representing Florida A&M University demonstrate a consistent message and image. The publications office will review materials based upon the established printing guidelines. In general, these guidelines apply to official university Web sites, as well.

Exceptions include publications edited and produced by students, flyers or posters for events funded by student activities fees, internal office correspondence, faculty works, textbooks and materials for classroom use.

A successful identity program is dependent on the cooperation of all members of the University community; therefore, resulting in improved communications.

What does the Office of Publications do?
Our professional staff of writers, editors and graphic designers research, write promotional and informational copy, edit and design quality publications that represent FAMU internally and externally.

Before printing, do I need to contact the Office of Publications?
Yes, it is suggested that you contact the Office of Publications to get a consultation about your project before moving forward with design and printing.

Are there printing guidelines for use of the logos?
Yes, these guidelines are addressed in Getting It Printed.

The Office of University Publications is located in suite 103 of Lee Hall. The University Print Shop is housed in the Division of Graphic Communication in the School of Journalism and Graphic Communication Building. For more information call (850) 599-3413.

Service Request Forms
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