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October 2010Vol. 1 No. 3

Mr. & Miss FAMU have big plans
Mr. and Miss FAMUat the Atlanta Classic parade.
Florida A&M University Mr. FAMU Joseph Agboola and Miss FAMU Kindall Johnson plan to hit the ground running, bringing positive change to campus life.

Johnson, a public relations student from Tampa, says she has always wanted to serve the university in whatever capacity she could.

“As a presidential  ambassador, I realized I didn’t just have a knack for recruiting, but I also loved it,” said Johnson. “I knew I could do a great job as Miss FAMU and the university has prepared me to do that. I really want to get young black kids in school. A lot of young people don’t know that they can or that the opportunity is out there, and I want to be the person to show them the way.”

Agboola, a graphic design student from London, England, said he wants to make a positive difference at the university, citing recruitment and retention as an issue he wants to tackle first.

“I wanted to make a change in recruitment and retention,” said Agboola, who wants to bring international issues to the forefront for FAMU students. “How are we going to keep them after we recruit them? I want to do my part and show the incoming students that they not only can gain a good education, but they can have a great experience at FAMU, too.”

One program that Johnson, fondly known as “Sunshine” to her friends and family, says she wants to implement is “Suits For Our Sons.”

This initiative would be an ongoing clothing drive where people can donate suits, belts, ties, shirts and shoes for young men. She hopes to hold a bazzar on the quad during Homecoming where students can come obtain these items.

“If they can fit it, they can take it,” she said with a smile.”

The two said they are very gracious to their supporters and will try to live up to all expectations.
“I would like to thank the people who voted for me and for believing in me,” Agboola said. “I will be their voice.”

Johnson shared his sentiments.

 “When my reign is over, I want to make everyone proud of me,” she said.
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