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Living Well 101 is a syndicated column produced by Florida A&M University and written exclusively by distinguished faculty and researchers as experts in their respective fields. Columnists write compelling content to inform readers about the latest research findings that affect every person's quality of life. Readers learn practical tips for everyday use ranging from general to niche topics in several areas including, education, health, politics, and business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Twitter Thursdays @FAMU_LivingWell?
Are you looking for an expert opinon about topics in education, health, politics, business, and much  more? Join the conversation every Thursday at 6 p.m. on Twitter.com for a live chat with a Living Well 101 expert. Ask questions, get practical tips, and start improving your quality of life today! Follow: @FAMU_Living Well.

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Writing in the Digital Age

April 4 at 6 p.m.
w/ Benjamin A. Davis
CBS Harold Dow Visiting Professor
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How do I become a Living Well 101 columnist?
It's simple. All current faculty members and researchers at FAMU who are interested in writing a Living Well 101 column should email their name, title, school/department, and topics of expertise to the FAMU Office of Communications.

Which newspapers publish Living Well 101? 

Several newspapers are publishing Living Well 101 including The Tallahassee Democrat, The Miami Times, The Westside Gazette, and The South Florida Times. Want to read the Living Well 101 column in your local/hometown newspaper? Send a letter/email to your newspaper's publisher or editor today!

Do I have to participate in a live Twitter chat?
Yes. Living Well 101 columnists enjoy interacting with the general public to discuss important issues. All live Twitter chats are scheduled one week after the newspaper column is published.