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Frequently Asked CLC Questions

What is the CLC?
The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) serves as a licensing agent for the University and is responsible for maintaining the licensing program, such as processing the licensing applications, collecting royalty payments, enforcement of trademarks, as well as seeking to find new marketing opportunities for the University.

What is a license?
A License is a written agreement between the University, CLC and the licensee, whereby the licensee is granted permission to produce products bearing the marks of FAMU.

Why do I need a license?
Anyone that wishes to produce products bearing the marks of FAMU must obtain a license to do so. Also, because Florida Statute 831.05 considers it a third degree felony for the possession or sell of merchandise with counterfeit trademarks valued at $1,000 or more.  Under this statute, it is a first-degree misdemeanor if merchandise is valued under $1,000.  Violations will result in the confiscation of all illegal merchandise and can result in arrest.

How much does a license cost?
The licensing costs may vary, depending upon the type of license that you may be applying for.  For example, you may apply for a standard license, a local/in-state license or a restricted license. Cost associated with getting licensed will be provided when completing your application.

Where do I get a license?
To obtain a license to produce products bearing the marks of FAMU, you must complete a licensing agreement with CLC. You can contact CLC by telephone at (770) 956-0520 or by visiting them at

How does the FAMU benefit from the license?
The University benefits from licensed vendors, because it helps to protect the University’s brand/trademark; it helps to promote the University; and it helps to generate funds to assist the Athletics Department by receiving 10% of all licensed merchandise sold.

What are official logos?
Marks that are directly associated with or to the University. The University has approved these marks.

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