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Nov./Dec.  2010
Vol. 1 No. 4

FAMU unveils first green space

Students, faculty and staff pitched in to help Home Depot employees-volunteers construct a rainwater collection system – FAMU’s first green space. Home Depot and the FAMU Green Coalition is unveiling a space that will irrigate plants in the area.

The university was awarded a $10,000 grant by Home Depot as part of the Retool Your School competition during the spring 2010 semester among historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).

 "The rainwater collection system will improve FAMU's campus beauty, based on sustainable practices," said Jacqueline Hightower, school of business professor, corporate Home Depot liaison and adviser to the FAMU Green Coalition, which lead this project.  "It will have all native plants, trees and recycled materials to cover the ground, and no maintenance will be needed.  It will have picturesque scenery with a wildflower bed and shady areas."

The grass area alongside Jackson-Davis Hall has been replaced by mulch and wildflowers to become more energy efficient.  The rainwater will be used to nourish plants in the area.

“I think students have developed an appreciation for what we can build with our hands.”  said Professor LaRae Donnellan, School of Journalism & Graphic Commuinication, and advisor to the FAMU Green Coalition. “It makes a statement to our commitment to making campus more sustainable. One of our goals is when students and guests are visiting the campus this is included in the visit.”

The Retool Your School competition required HBCUs to submit two proposal ideas for designing energy efficient areas on campus. Supporters of the HBCUs went online and voted for their school of choice.

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