Office of Communications

Communications Policy

Approved by the Florida A&M University Board of Trustees
February 12, 2008


As a public university supported with tax dollars, Florida A&M University (FAMU) has a responsibility to be open and responsive to requests for information from the public and the news media.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to give interviews to the media when asked, and to provide information on matters within their field of expertise in a timely and courteous manner. The Office of Public Relations serves as a tool to help reporters find the right person to interview for a topic. As a courtesy, however, if faculty/staff agree to participate in an interview, please contact the Office of Public Relations so we may obtain a copy of the article and keep it in our files.

If you are not experienced in handling questions from the media, or have not established a relationship with the journalist requesting information, please feel free to contact the Office of Public Relations for tips on interviewing (i.e. answering questions for print media versus broadcast) or to address any concerns.

Administrators, faculty and staff should consult with the Office of Public Relations or the Office of the General Counsel if they have questions about releasing information that may be of a sensitive nature, (for example the firing of an employee, murder investigation or sexual harassment). If you are faced with a potentially controversial situation, it is crucial that you discuss the matter with the communications staff in the Office of Public Relations before it becomes public. In instances where there is a question about the legality of releasing information, the Office of Public Relations and any other campus units receiving information requests should consult with the University’s General Counsel.


The President is the official spokesperson of the university. The President has designated the executive assistant to the president for Public Relations and Chief Communications Officer as the official spokesperson in matters of weather emergencies, crisis situations and other occasions. This individual also provides the point of contact between media and university resources and provides referrals to proper sources of information within the university community.

The Office of Public Relations prepares and distributes all press releases to local, regional, and national media except releases regarding sports-related activities. The press releases range from major stories about achievements by faculty, administrators and students to public service announcements. Some stories may be distributed only to the local media depending on the subject and relevance.


The Office of Sports Information is responsible for publicizing information regarding FAMU’s intercollegiate varsity athletic teams. The office publishes all athletic publications and news releases, coordinates athletic photography, maintains statistical data on teams, maintains athletic web pages and serves as the department’s contact with the NCAA and the Mid-eastern Athletic Conference. The Sports Information Director will ensure compliance with FAMU’s graphic identity and technical standards, including athletic marketing and publications.

The Executive Assistant to the President for Public Relations and Communications or the designee must approve in advance all paid advertising (print, broadcast, billboard and radio) and student recruitment, marketing and fund-raising videos. This does not include paid ads for hiring personnel.


External agencies, businesses, organizations, etc. must submit a copy of the advertisement to the Office of Public Relations for approval. Authorized advertisement must display the Public Relations stamp of approval before being posted on campus or appearing in University Publications.


The university has a full-time photographer and provides photographic services for the campus.  Photographic assignments for the University’s programs and activities are also the responsibility of the Public Relations Office. University officials and students who desire photographs for university related activities must receive approval from the Public Relations Office. A request for photographic services form must be completed and returned to the Public Relations Office at least three days before the planned activity.



Externally distributed publications must be reviewed by the Office of Publications to guarantee that all publications representing Florida A&M University demonstrate a consistent message and image. The publications office will review materials based upon the established printing guidelines. In general, these guidelines apply to official university Web sites, as well.

Exceptions include publications edited and produced by students, fliers or posters for events funded by student activities fees, internal office correspondence, faculty works, textbooks and materials for classroom use.

A successful identity program is dependent on the cooperation of all members of the University community; therefore, resulting in improved communications.  

Official publications that offer pertinent information about Florida A&M University, its purpose, objectives, programs of instruction, public services and information for prospective students, faculty and staff are published through the Publications Office.  These publications include: catalogs, schedules, reports, handbooks, manuals, brochures, recruitment materials, directories and other general information documents.
The Office of Publications is the starting point for all projects produced in the university print shop for an external audience. University Publications is charged with interpretation and control of all institutional publications involving the use of the name seal, and/or logos of the University. This responsibility is carried out primarily through a University Identity Program, which sets editorial style, typography and graphic standards, including the use of the FAMU shield and seal for all publications.


The official seal of Florida A&M University is used only for formal usage, i.e., for diplomas, invitations to University functions or official University statements. The presence of the seal authenticates publications as an official document from Florida A&M University. The use of the university shield or logo, must be approved by the Office of Publications.


The University shield, "Excellence With Caring," institutional logos, "Rattler" and "FAMU" may be used in publications requiring a symbol of identity, such as catalogs, handbooks, brochures, programs, fliers, invitations, bookmarks, posters and paraphernalia. Generally, one logo per publication is sufficient. However, before deciding to design a publication on your own, consult with the Office of Publications.


Requests for camera-ready copies of the official and other university logos should be made through the Office of Publications.  Scanned or modified versions of Florida A&M University logos are in direct violation of university publications policy.


The official colors of Florida A&M University are orange and green. More specifically, the correct orange to use on any printed material is Pantone Matching System number 151 (PMS 151). The university uses Pantone Matching System number 348 (PMS 348) as its official green. Using the above specifications will insure that the University's colors are consistent.


The acceptable listings for Florida A&M University are in keeping with the national trend of reference to entities or institutions by acronym, which should not be confused with abbreviations.

Acceptable listings:
1. Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (formal, used for invitations, letterhead, etc.)
2. Florida A&M University (most frequently used)
4. A&M (with no space between characters)

Listings to avoid:
1. Florida A and M University
2. Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University
3. Florida A. and M. University
4. F.A.M.U.
5. A.&M.
6. A & M

Some larger jobs require that printing be done off-campus. The Office of Publications is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all publications are in line with guidelines, therefore, it is wise to consult with our office before seeking outside printing advice.
Outside printing jobs require a completed publication request form, specifications form, cost computation worksheet and required statement of cost and purpose — and other supporting documents from the Office of Publications. These forms must be submitted prior to clearance for printing/production.
It is suggested that a minimum of three price quotes from selected vendors be requested. The vendor with the lowest bid for the job is normally selected for the contract.

To proceed with printing production, a completed and signed requisition should be submitted to the Office of Publications for clearance and approval.

All Florida A&M University letterhead, envelopes and business cards are standardized to provide consistent institutional identity.  Once that identify has been established, the Publications Office is responsible for enforcing the visual identity. A standard format has been established for University letterhead and envelopes. All units of the University must use only the standard format. The Office of University Publications will help prepare specifications upon request.

Letterhead is not to be personalized. Business cards are the appropriate place for such personalized information. The names of departments as they appear on stationery is strictly controlled by the University. Prior approval for changes or additions must be requested through the Office of University Publications.


The card includes the individual’s name, title, position, business address, telephone, suncom and fax numbers and e-mail address.  University personnel wanting to purchase business cards should consult staff in the Office of Publications for assistance.


All publications produced by FAMU, costing in excess of $15,000, which are not working documents (documents used in the normal routine of work including test papers, office forms, general correspondence, etc.) must contain the following statement of cost and purpose:

This public document was promulgated at a total cost of $_________, or $_________ per copy, to (state purpose of the document).

This statement should be displayed in a conspicuous manner, enclosed in a two-point box, and should be the same size as the body type of the publications. Suggestions: inside front cover, inside back cover, first page.  Also the document should display on either the inside front cover, the first page, the inside back cover or the outside back cover the following: "FAMU is an Equal Opportunity/Equal Access University."


Devices for use in lotteries, raffles or other regulated games of chance will be produced only after appropriate written authorization has been granted and presented.   Copyrighted materials need permission from the copyright holder. Clearance is granted through the Office of Publications.

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