Office of Communications

What is Licensing?

Licensing is a written agreement between FAMU, Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) and the licensee, whereby the licensee is granted permission to produce products bearing the marks of FAMU.

Who Needs a License?
Anyone that wishes to produce products bearing the marks of FAMU must obtain a license to do so.

How to Become Licensed?
Contact the Collegiate Licensing Company if you are interested in obtaining a license to produce merchandise bearing the name, mark, logo, etc. of Florida A&M University at (770) 956-0520 or visit their website at and follow the instructions for obtaining a license. You must provide detailed information about your company and the product that you wish to market.

Failure to obtain a license through CLC and approval through the Office of Communications/Licensing can and will result in the seizure of all non-licensed and non-approved merchandise bearing any of Florida A&M University’s trademarks.

What is the Process?
Upon the approval of your licensing application, you may submit artwork designs displaying the marks, logo, name, slogan, symbol, word(s), letters, numbers or combination of any of these that is directly associated with or to the University for approval. We will at that time evaluate each product, and approval must be given of the completed product sample before any merchandise can be produce for retail sale.

This process will protect all parties, including the University from future liability, by ensuring that every product bearing the institution’s name or logo is used appropriately.

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