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Department of Health and Physical Education

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Department of Health and Physical Education
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Lawson Multipurpose Ctr/Teaching Gym Suite 433
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

Academic Advisement

Your HPER Advisor

Academic advisement by an advisor in the HPER Department is an essential key to the success of each student. The overall objective of academic advising is to help students realize the maximum educational benefits available to them at the HPER Department, the College of Education  and the University.  Your HPER advisement includes all aspects of academic program planning, such as deciding on course adds, drops, or substitutions; the use of midterm grade information; career decisions; changes in major, decisions about extra-class activities; etc.

Each student declaring a major within the Dept. of HPER must have an Academic Advisor that you select in collaboration with the Department Chair from the HPER faculty.  Your academic advisor will help guide your studies.  Each student should confer with his or her chosen Academic Advisor regularly for assistance in planning the semester’s schedule of classes prior to online registration, for assistance and preparation for criterion examinations such as the FTCE, for keeping up to date on changes in requirements and policies affecting the major, and for staying involved in the activities of the Department.  Students proceeding in the major without an Academic Advisor are liable for mistakes they may make in progressing through the program of studies and must meet all requirements whether they were aware of them or not.

Your General Education Advisor
Academic advisement is a process designed by the university to assist students in taking the proper sequence of required courses.  To facilitate academic advisement, each student is assigned an academic advisor.  That assists them until they declare a major.

The components of the academic advising system work together to achieve goals and objectives that include:
  • helping students develop an educational plan and choose an appropriate course of studies to meet their academic and life objectives
  • ensuring that students are aware of opportunities and resources that can assist in achieving their educational goals
  • assisting students in interpreting university policies and procedures, and applying general rules to their specific cases
  • facilitating resolution of academic problems, conflicts and concerns, as appropriate
  • referring students as necessary to other resource units
  • collecting and disseminating information on student needs, wants, perceptions, and trends in order to enhance institutional effectiveness and adaptability
Goals of Academic Advisement:
  • to identify activities that support retention, progression, and graduation
  • to increase advisor involvement with students
  • to aid in the prediction of enrollment trends (past and future)
  • to create happier students
  • to create and foster a climate of caring
  • to build a culture of student retention
Your Center for Academic Success Advisor
The Center for Academic Success in conjunction with the academic departments and programs provides the academic advice for the pre-education major undergraduate students. Each department and program provide academic advice for undergraduate and graduate education major students.