Office of Financial Aid


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Summer Financial Aid is available to FAMU Undergraduate or Graduate students who have registered for:



The Office of Financial Aid will only award students who meet the following criteria:

-       Have a valid 2019-2020 FAFSA on file

-       Registered for 6 or more credit hours

-       Be in good status academically and meet

-       Satisfactory Academic Progress

-       FIRST TIME STUDENTS will enroll during orientation


Students will be disbursed eligible aid based on active enrolled hours during the active term.

If attending only 3 credit hours in term A and 3 credit hours in term B your funds will NOT be disbursed until term B.

New Students

New Students or students applying for financial aid for the first time at FAMU must complete the 2019-2020 FAFSA. You may apply online at Florida A&M University’s school code is 001480. Deadline is June 30, 2020.



Florida Bright Futures Scholars

Check your eligibility at

Bright Futures Florida Academic Scholars (FAS) or Bright Futures Florida Medallion Scholars (FMS)

All eligible FAS and FMS students will be able to use their awards Summer 2020. You must be enrolled in six credit hours or more to be eligible.

Federal Pell Grant (Undergraduate Students Only)

– Eligible students who received 100% of Federal Pell during the Fall and Spring semester now qualifies for additional Pell grant up to 50% of the award amount for the academic year.

-Eligible students who did not receive 100% of Pell during the Fall and Spring semester maybe eligible for the remaining amount of award. Please visit to see your maximum Pell usage. Maximum Pell limit is 600%


Eligibility for summer loans will be determined based on the difference of the amount of loans borrowed during the Fall 19 and Spring 20 academic year from the annual loan limit per classification.  Please visit to view maximum loan eligibility amount per grade classification and/or view the total amount of loans taken.

Students who will attend a school other than FAMU for Summer 2020 (Transient):

Ø  If attending another Florida institution, check with the Office of Financial Aid to confirm your eligibility.  You must also complete the consortium process online via the Florida Shine website at

Ø  If attending an institution outside of the State of Florida or studying abroad, you must confirm with your department, complete the paper consortium process by submitting a transient form (Registrar’s Office) and Consortium Agreement to the Office of Financial Aid.

Ø  Please note: Students are responsible for all fee requirements to the host institution.

Ø  All funds are based on eligibility and will not be released until Verification Of Enrollment (VOE) is confirmed. VOE must be submitted to home institution (FAMU).

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