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Office of Financial Aid

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
Phone  850.599.3730
Fax  850.561.2730

Office of Financial Aid
1700 Lee Hall Drive
101 Foote Hilyer Administration Center
Tallahassee, FL 32307

Information on Financial Aid

To apply for financial aid:   www.fafsa.ed.gov

Information on financial aid and student loans:   www.studentaid.gov

Student loan counseling and promissory note:   www.studentloans.gov

Information on your student loan balance:  www.NSLDS.ed.gov

Florida A&M University Office of Financial Aid:  www.famu.edu/FinancialAid

Financial Literacy Games

Celebrity Calamity


Debt Management Team Contact Information

Student Debt Advisors/Counselors

David Evans                                                   Fodina Henderson                                   

Phone: (850) 561-2917                                    Phone: (850) 412-6519                    

Email: david.evans@famu.edu                    Email:  fodina.henderson@famu.edu                       


Office of Financial Aid

Foote-Hilyer Administration Center, Suite 101

Office Hours:       


8:30am–4:00pm—Tuesday through Friday