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Office of Financial Aid

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
Phone  850.599.3730
Fax  850.561.2730

Office of Financial Aid
1700 Lee Hall Drive
101 Foote Hilyer Administration Center
Tallahassee, FL 32307


Financial Aid Counselors are assigned to students based on the first initial of their last name. You many email your counselor for any inquires regarding your Financial aid status.

Counseling Staff

Alpha Group
 Khebe Brown Coordinator
F-I Emmanuel Agboola Coordinator
J-N Bettye Colson Coordinator
Steven Smith Coordinator
Rachel Robinson
Vanessa Whitley Assistant Director
Carita Evans Assistant Director

            Lisa Stewart, Director                                                  lisa.stewart@famu.edu

            Ivy Wilcox, Associate Director                                    ivy.wilcox@famu.edu

            Natalie Word, Administrative Assistant                      natalie.word@famu.edu

            Jackie Cason, Office Manager                                     jacqueline.cason@famu.edu

Customer Service / Private Scholarships


            Vanessa Whitley, Assistant Director                            vanessa.whitley@famu.edu

            Tracey Clark, Financial Aid Officer                            robert.baulkmon@famu.edu

Sheila Parrish, Senior Financial Aid Officer                sheila.parrish@famu.edu

           Anna Williams, Senior Financial Aid Officer              anna.williams@famu.edu


Debt Management

            David Evans, Debt Counselor                                      david.evans@famu.edu
            Glenn Griggs, Debt Counselor                                      glenn.griggs@famu.edu


            Marilyn Smith, Assistant Director                                marilyn.smith@famu.edu

            Bettye Colson, Coordinator                                          bettye.colson@famu.edu
            Khebe Brown, Coordinator                                          khebe.brown@famu.edu


Institutional Scholarships / Athletics

            Carita Evans, Assistant Director                                 carita.evans@famu.edu           

            Lori Goodart, Coordinator(Athletics)                         lori.goodart@famu.edu


 Federal Programs

           Lassandra Brice, Assistant Director                             lassandra.brice@famu.edu
           Emmanuel Agboola, Coordinator                                emmanuel.agboola@famu.edu

Rachel Robinson, Coordinator                                     rachel.robinson@famu.edu
           Steven Smith, Coordinator                                           steven.smith@famu.edu

           Robert Baulkmon, Financial Aid Officer                      robert.baulkmon@famu.edu

           Doris Lovett, Program Assistant                                  doris.lovett@famu.edu   


Law School  
            Tocoa Hogans, Associate Director                            tocoa.hogans@famu.edu

            Lisorie Murray, Financial Aid Officer                       lisorie.murray@famu.edu

Main Office Information

Office of Financial Aid
1700 Lee Hall Drive
101 Foote Hilyer Administration Center (FHAC)
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

Main Telephone 850.599.3730
Fax 850.561.2730

Mailing Address for Scholarship Checks

Office of the Controller
1700 Lee Hall Drive
201 Foote-Hilyer Administration Center (FHAC)
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

Office Hours

Monday 9am-4pm
Tuesday-Friday 8:30am-4pm
(Excluding State Holidays)