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Facilities, Planning, Construction and Safety

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Facilities, Planning, Construction and Safety
2400 Wahnish Way
Plant Operations Building A, Suite 100
Tallahassee, Florida 32307


Professional Service Guide 2013

Exhibits 4
•    PSG Ex-4.1 Design Professional PQS
•    PSG Ex-4.2 Design Professional Fee Proposal
•    PSG Ex-4.3 Design Professional Fee Guide
•    PSG Ex-4.4 CM PQS
•    PSG Ex-4.5 D-B PQS
•    PSG Ex-4.6 CM Pre-Construction Fee

Exhibits 5

•    PSG Ex-5.1 Design Professional Design Status Report
•    PSG Ex-5.2 Design Professional Construction Status Report
•    PSG Ex-5.3 Project Schedule
•    PSG Ex-5.4 Design Professional Project Cost Estimate
•    PSG Ex-5.5 Asbestos Exclusion Certification Form
•    PSG Ex-5.6 Deliverable Requirements
•    PSG Ex-5.7 Campus Master Plan Checklist
•    PSG Ex-5.8 Request Add Service Authorization
•    PSG Ex-5.9 Add Service Authorization
•    PSG Ex-5.10 Contract Documents Cost Recap Sheet
•    PSG Ex-5.11 Professional Service Invoice
•    PSG Ex-5.12 Professional Service Evaluation

Exhibits 6
•    PSG Ex-6.1 COIP Sample
•    PSG Ex-6.2 FAMU Bid Tab
•    PSG Ex-6.3 Pre-Construction Service Cost
•    PSG Ex-6.4 Guide for GMP Proposal Prep
•    PSG Ex-6.5 Labor Burden Calculator
•    PSG Ex-6.6 Self Performed Work Approval Form
•    PSG Ex-6.7 Trade Contractor Recommendation Form

Exhibit 7
•    PSG Ex-7.1 2012 Codes
•    PSG Ex-7.2 Building Permit Checklist
•    PSG Ex-7.3 Building Permit Application
•    PSG Ex-7.4 Electrical Permit Application
•    PSG Ex-7.5 Fire Suppression Permit Application
•    PSG Ex-7.6 Mechanical Permit Application
•    PSG Ex-7.7 Plumbing Permit Application
•    PSG Ex-7.8 Maintenance Permit Application
•    PSG Ex-7.9 SubContractor List
•    PSG Ex-7.10 Contractor File Info
•    PSG Ex-7.11 Ltr Authorize Sign Permits
•    PSG Ex-7.12 Contractor Info Form
•    PSG Ex-7.13 Inspection Request Procedure
•    PSG Ex-7.14 Inspection Request Form
•    PSG Ex-7.15 Project Closeout Checklist

Exhibit 8
•    PSG Ex-8.1 Pre-Construction Meeting Guide
•    PSG Ex-8.2 Monthly Report Template
•    PSG Ex-8.3 Pre-Construction Invoice CM-DB
•    PSG Ex-8.4 ODP PO Requisition Form