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Facilities Planning & Construction

Services Provided

Florida A&M Office of Facilities Planning & Construction provides services directly and indirectly to the FAMU community to achieve the goals set forth in our mission statement. Our direct services include space planning and design for Faculty and Administrators and providing campus maps, blueprints and any other building information. Our indirect services include program design and project management of many of the construction projects and facility renovations on campus. These construction projects are aligned with the mission statement and defined by the campus master plan and serve a purpose to address the needs of FAMU’s ever growing student population and to update their facilities to provide state-of-the art technological resources to FAMU students and faculty members. Our services can be summarized as the following below.

Space Planning/Design and Minor Projects

Our office provides services to authorized faculty and administrators who require a modified layout of their existing office. An example of a need for modification of an office is to put in a cubicle or change the layout in their office. This service does not include modifications such as adding an office to a building, but only pertains to redesigning the space that is currently in the building or office. You can initiate this process by completing a Facilities Space and Project Request Form.


Campus Maps

Our office provides campus maps, blueprints and floor plans to anyone by request. If you would like a campus map, you can download the standard viewable map or you can request a custom viewable map by contacting our office at Facilities Planning & Construction at 850.599.3197. Click here for Map

Program Development/Design

As defined by the Internal Management Memorandum, in the State University System (SUS), educational specifications documents are referred to as facility programs. Programs are developed for all projects that the construction costs exceed $1,000,000. Construction program clearly establish the scope of each project.

Project Management for Renovations and New Construction

Our office oversees and manages many of the campus Renovations and all new construction projects.

Contact Info

2400 Wahnish Way
Plant Operations Building A, Suite 100
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

P: (850) 599-3197
F: (850) 561-2289