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The Capital Improvement Plan is a statutorily-required, institutional budget request required by each University within the State University System.  It is the mechanism by which each University is appropriated funding for major projects (projects which exceed $2,000,000 in construction cost) from the Legislature.  This appropriation occurs only after the Florida Board of Governors has met to approve the fixed capital outlay Legislative Budget Request for each University and submits the request to the Legislature for consideration.  The primary sources of this funding are Public Education Capital Outlay dollars.

The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a compilation or overview of the University’s additional academic and academic support facilities needed for a five –year period.  However, the plan is submitted annually. The FL Board of Governors will notify the University when funding is expected to become available (typically every several years funding is available).  Upon receiving such notification, the Office of the President, the Division of Administrative and Financial Services, the Budget Office and the Office of Facilities Planning and Construction will be informed.  The Office of Facilities Planning and Construction under the direction of its Vice President are the primary authors of FAMU’s Annual Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan.  The Department, along with the Vice President of Administrative and Financial Services prioritizes the Public Education Capital Outlay Projects (PECO).  This usually includes eighteen to twenty projects with completed budgetary forms and succinct project explanations for each project on the priority list.   Also within the CIP Document, there is a completed spreadsheet of the funding request for each prioritized project, over a five-year planning period which can be perused.

Capital Improvement Plan 2020-2025

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