General Information
All Florida A&M University performance venues are handicap accessible. Please contact the house manager at (850) 561-2840 if you need to request accessible seating.  Charles Winter Wood Theatre is equipped with assistive listening devices.
Lobby doors open one hour prior to each event. House doors open 30 minutes prior to each event. 
Patrons who arrive late are seated at the discretion of management at a point in the performance that will be least distracting to the performers and other patrons. 
Parents or accompanying adults are asked to be mindful of others in attendance when bringing a child. Please remove the child from the theatre/auditorium should the child be unable to sit through a performance without disturbing others.
Limited parking is available behind Tucker Hall. Patrons may use the Old FAMU DRS Parking lot located off of Gamble Street or the parking garage located on Wahnish Way.

Theatre Policies
  • Arrive to the theatre early.
  • Visit the restroom before the performance begins.
  • Pay attention to announcements that are made prior to shows about the rules of the theater you are attending and the location of the fire exits.
  • Turn off your cell phone or anything that beeps, rings or chimes. If it must be on, put it on vibrate.
  • Please remove disruptive children from the theatre/auditorium should the child be unable to sit through a performance without disturbing others.
  • Do not speak on the phone during the performance, please move into the lobby to converse, preferably during intermission or after the show has finished.
  • Please do not use your cell phone light to read the program during the performance.  The light is distracting to others around you.
  • Don't speak to neighbors during the performance…whisper only in an emergency.
  • Do not take pictures or recordings of any kind during the performance. It can be very distracting to the actors and is illegal.
  • Remain in your seat for the entire performance. If you must leave, exit during intermission. In an emergency, wait for an appropriate break in the show. It is rude to get up in the middle of a quiet moment...rude to the actors and your fellow audience members.
  • Do not eat or drink in the theater.
  • Do not make noise with the candy wrappers.  Open cough drops or mints before the performance or during loud scenes.
  • Do not whistle or scream out to the performers except for a “Bravo” during the curtain call.
  • Do laugh when the performance is funny.
  • Do applaud when it is appropriate during the performance.
  • Do applaud when the performance is over...this tells the performers and crew that you appreciate their work.
  • Stand and applaud if you really thought the show was great.

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