Information Technology Services

Information Security

The Information Security team is charged with the responsibility of ensuring the on-going viability of Florida A&M University by establishing and maintaining a robust security program based on best practices.

The Information Security team is responsible for information security strategy, security architecture development, and university wide oversight. The scope of this department covers all utilized enterprise technologies, including mainframe, distributed and infrastructure-based systems. This department also has enterprise-level responsibility for all data/information security policies, standards, evaluations, roles and university-wide awareness. This department also interfaces and has reporting responsibilities to the Division of Compliance and Audit

In addition to the above related information security duties, ITS security also performs the following functions:
  • Oversee the continuous monitoring and protection of information processing resources
  • Evaluate suspected security breaches and recommend corrective actions and serve as the enterprise focal point for computer security incident response planning and execution.
  • Define and implement an ongoing University risk assessment program, which will define, identify, and classify critical information assets, assess threats and vulnerabilities regarding those assets and implement safeguard recommendations. 
  • Assist in the review of applications and/or technology during the entire life cycle to
    • Assure compliance with university security policies and directions and
    • Assist in the overall integrated process regarding Florida A&M University’s own technology environment. 
  • Oversee the development, and be the enterprise champion, of a corporate security awareness training program. 
  • Provide information security oversight to other University information systems or data centers. 
  • Plan, coordinate, and execute all related IT change control. This includes managing the process of controlling modifications to hardware, software, firmware, and documentation to ensure that Information Resources are protected against improper modification before, during, and after system implementation.
For more information regarding ITS Security please contact Mr. Arthur Bialowas Director of ITS Security at (850) 412-7967.

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