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Information Technology Services

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
Phone  850.599.3560
Fax  850.561.2292

Information Technology Services
1610 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
University Commons Room G126 (Ground Floor-Southside)
Tallahassee, FL 32307

Frequently Asked Questions


What is ITS and what does ITS provide?
ITS is an acronym for Enterprise Information Technology. The department serves as an information technology division of Florida A&M University. ITS provides campus-wide application management and networking services, email services (FAMMail), network
security, software support, PC computing, wireless networking, webcast services, virus protection, and the technology helpdesk.

Where is the ITS Helpdesk and what are the hours of operation?
The ITS Helpdesk is located in The Commons. The office is open from Monday through Friday from 8 am – 5 pm.

How can I contact the Helpdesk?
You can contact the Helpdesk by telephone at (850) 412- HELP (4357) or email at helpdesk@famu.edu

How can I use networking services on campus?
ITS provides faculty, staff, and students with network connectivity via dial-up and wireless access. An internal or external wireless card (802.11b, 802.11 b/g or 802.11g) is required for wireless connection. There is no charge for this service, it is FREE!

How can I get my FAMMail activated?
All students (incoming freshmen and transfer) must bring a copy of their current class schedule and picture ID (Rattler Card is preferred) to the Help Desk in The Commons in order to retrieve their FAMMail username and password.

Can parents have access to their children/student iRattler and FAMMail accounts?
A FERPA Restriction form must be completed and taken to the Registrar’s Office in order for a parent to gain access to the accounts. The FERPA Restriction form must be submitted in person. The FERPA form is located on FAMU’s homepage under the following links. Go to Registrar’s Office link and click on ‘Forms’ and then select ‘Student Consent Form (FERPA)’.

Does the ITS service center provide virus protection?
Yes, the ITS service center does provide virus protection; McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise 8.7/8.5 with antispyware. Go to following links to access antivirus software; (from homepage select) Administration > Information Technology > Service & Support > Virus Protection.
The protections available are McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise 8.5. Also available is SuperDat file updates which are up to date virus signatures and other information used by McAfee anti-virus products to protect computers. You can also find Stinger updates which is a stand-alone utility used to detect and remove specific viruses. If you experience problems downloading from website, for laptops please come to The Commons and for desktops please call 412-3685 in order to place a service request and get the Anti-virus protection.

Does the ITS service center provide hardware PC support?
No, ITS technicians do not provide hardware support for students. We will however point each student in the right direction as to what vendor to contact and what we think the problem may be. Hardware PC support is provided for official FAMU equipment.

When and why do passwords expire?
Passwords expire after 90 days for security purposes.

How can I get assistance with my computer, iRattler and FAMMail?
1. The Helpdesk is ITS’s main line of support for students, and faculty and staff. The Helpdesk provides assistance with iRattler, as well as assists end users in the troubleshooting of various computing issues. The Helpdesk will try to assist end users as much as possible, but in the event they cannot resolve an issue, they will inform the appropriate ITS personnel to resolve the problem. You can contact the Helpdesk at (850) 412- HELP (4357), by email at helpdesk@famu.edu or by going to The Commons.
2. If you have a laptop computer and it starts to have a problem (i.e. virus, spyware, and configuration for networking services), please bring it to The Commons and Helpdesk technicians or engineers will be able to provide assistance. If you are having problems with your desktop computer, please go to FAMU Task Management System website at www.famu.edu/tms to submit a ticket or call (850) 412-3685 and enter a service request. Once your request is entered, one of ITS’s technicians or engineers will be dispatched to your campus location to assist you.
3. If you need help with your FAMMail account, please send email to helpdesk@famu.edu or call (850) 412-4357.