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Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
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Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice
1740 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
403 Perry Paige
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

Graduation Requirements

Before you submit your Application for Graduation, you must make sure that:
  • You have reviewed your transcript and the requirements for graduation. Incomplete ("I")grades are not accepted and must be completed before you submit your graduation application. Students with outstanding " I " grades may not apply for graduation unless a copy of the Change of Grade form, or a letter from the instructor verifying progress for that class is on file.
  • You have an iRattler login so that you may download your transcript to keep track of changes as they appear on your transcript.
  • You have completed your General Education Courses by your Junior year. If not, you must complete them as soon as possible.      
  • All transfer hours, including CO-OP and transient credit hours are posted on your transcript, unless you are currently enrolled at another school.
  • You have submitted a "Forgiveness" form to the registrar for each repeated course. A copy of such requests must be reflected on your transcript unless you have verification from the registrar. 
  • You have met the Foreign Language Requirement. (If foreign language courses were taken in high school they do not have to be repeated)
  • All course substitutions are approved by the Departmental Chair. No substitutions may be granted for General Education courses.
  • Your AA Degree, when appropriate, is posted on your transcript. You have verified that all credit hours completed are reflected on your transcript.
  • Your application is correct for the term you are graduating. (Courses for which you are enrolled during the term of graduation must be the ones reflected on your graduation application).
  • Your application is complete and includes a local phone number and email address, one that is checked regularly.
  • You agree with the Advisor's evaluation and you have signed the Criminal Justice or Sociology evaluation form. Your signature verifies that you have reviewed the evaluation and that the evaluation is correct.
  • Minimum graduation GPA is 2.0 and you must have completed 120 semester hours at the end of the semester for which you are applying for graduation.
  • Double majors require 150 semester hours.