Department of Physics
Ronald L. Williams, Ph.D.

Professor of Physics

Department of Physics, Jones Hall
Fred S. Humphries Science Research Center (FHSRC), Room 301F
Tel.:  (850) 599-8383

Ph.D. Physics – University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), 1992

Experimental, Computational and Theoretical Studies on:
High gradient acceleration of charged particles, including laser-driven
and electron beam-driven plasma wave accelerators.

Interactions among plasmas, lasers and electron beams to develop novel
diagnostic techniques for measuring plasma wave accelerating
electrostatic fields; and for measuring electron beam emittance.

Plasma wave undulators for generating coherent radiation;
and free electron lasers

Basic plasma studies; plasma breakdown studies; plasma shutter.

Recent Presentations:
Arnesto Bowman and R. Williams, “Basic Combination Analysis of Plasma Wave, Electromagnetic Wave, and Low Energy Electron Beams”, poster, 14th Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop, 2010, Annapolis, MD.

Arnesto Bowman and Ronald Williams, “Phase Space Studies of Electron Beam Interactions with Plasma and Electromagnetic Waves”, poster, 13th Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop, 2008, Santa Cruz, CA.

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