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Department of Music

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Department of Music
1660 Pinder Ave.
206 Foster Tanner Music Bldg.
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

RAP (Readiness & Academic Preparedness) is the institute’s pre-collegiate component. RAP utilizes innovative pedagogical practices that appeal to the interests of students, building on foundations of cultural experiences that have relevance to the lives of these students. The RAP programming includes: Flocabulary, P-Tones Records Academy, and Hip Hop in Education Workshops.


The Flocabulary concept as created by Alex Rappaport and Blake Harrison uses Hip Hop to help students improve their scores on the SAT. Flocabulary creates original hip-hop music and standards-based curricular materials to teach academic content for grades 3-12. Flocabulary programs are proven to increase student motivation and achievement and are currently being used in over 10,000 schools nationwide.


P-Tones Records academy is an after school Arts program designed to provide high school students opportunities for expansive cognitive and affective development. This after school program pairs pre-collegiate students with university students (as mentors) in a collaborative after-school learning community. The program's curriculum provides a hands-on environment where students learn the music production and product development cycle.


The Hip Hop in Education Workshop series is designed to provide preservice and inservice educators and community youth advocates the resources and tools for effective engagement.

Previous workshop topics include:

1. Def Beats: A Pedagogical Approach to Hip Hop Music Production

2. Hip Hop 1.0: An ontological Journey

3. Tools for Effective Youth Engagement