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Department of Music

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Department of Music
1660 Pinder Ave.
206 Foster Tanner Music Bldg.
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

Music Industry Course Descriptions



MUM 3613           Basic Audio & Recording Techniques (3 hours)


Provides an introduction to techniques, practices and procedures in making analog and digital recordings. Students will gain experience with acoustical balancing, editing, and over-dubbing in a variety of sound situations.


MUM 3614           Audio & Recording Techniques II (3 hours)


Explores advanced multi-track recording skills and audio production techniques. This course presents recording concepts and historical milestones, signal flow theory, analog and digital basics, studio protocol and infrastructure, and critical music technology nomenclature.


MUM 3615           Audio & Recording Techniques III (3 hours)


This third course in the audio recording sequence presents advanced techniques used in working with Digidesign Pro Tools hardware and software.  Professional recording, editing, and mix-down techniques will be explored.


MUM 3701           Business of Music (2 hours) 

Introduction to the practical nature of Business of Music while being exposed to the varying aspects of the current music industry. Topics include: careers in the recording and performing fields, retail music merchandising, publishing, song writing and arranging, professional organizations, copyright law and career development.


MUN 2022            Laptop & Electronic Arts Ensemble (1 hour)


Explores new combinations of live electronic with acoustic instruments and other media by performing a diverse repertoire of music and new works.


MUS 1342            MIDI Technology (3 hours)


This course serves as an introduction to MIDI protocol and MIDI based software. Topics include music notation, sequencing, patch editing, ear training and basic keyboard skills.


MUS 3620            Acoustics and Electronics in Music (3 hours)

This courses covers the theory and analysis of music acoustics and electronic concepts.   

MUS 4946            Practicum in Music Merchandising (3 hours)


This courses covers practical application of merchandising concepts in the music and entertainment industry.           


MUS 4947            Practicum in Music Management (3 hours)

This courses covers practical application of management concepts in the music and entertainment industry.


MUH 4930           Special Topics/Seminar - Hip Hop  (3 hours)


Examines the cultural phenomenon through its development, history, communication style, dance form, music, and artistic process. Throughout the course students will explore the dynamics of race, gender, youth, and class. The course will employ various sources for analysis and information including: videos, commercials, movies, songs and other multimedia sources.