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Department of English
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Course Descriptions

AML 2010, 3122 American Literature I, II (3,3) Prereq: ENC 3320 Studies in American literature from colonial days to present.

AML 3311 Major Figures in American Literature
(3) Study includes, but is not limited to, figures such as Dickinson, Faulkner, Hawthorne, Baldwin, and Walker.

AML 4154 Modern American Poetry (3) Prereq: LIT 2110. Study includes, but is not limited to, major American poets such as Pound, Williams, Cummings, Lowell and Hughes.

AML 4610/4276 Afro-American Novel (3) Prereq: ENC 3320 The most significant black American novelists from William Wells Brown to Alice Walker.

AML 4934 Seminar in African American Literature (3) Prereq: ENC 3320 Current topics organized around selected writers or themes which reflect the political and artistic values of Afro-American culture.

AML 4604/4605 Legacy of African American Literature (3) Prereq: ENC 3320 Selected readings from the literature of African Americans from the pre-Civil War era through present day.

AML 5216 Early American Literature (3) American literature from its beginning to 1815, including religious, social and political influences.

AML 5616 The Afro-American Novel (3) Includes Charles Chesnutt, James Weldon, Jean Toomer, Zora Neale Hurston, Richard Wright, Ralph Ellison, James Baldwin, Toni Morrison, Alice Walker.

AML 5236 Studies in American Realism and Naturalism (1850­1910) (3) A study of the intellectual, social and literary developments of this realistic-naturalist period. Emphasis is placed upon the literary achieve­ments of such writers as Howells, Twain, James, Crane, and Garland.

AML 5246 Twentieth Century American Literature (3) In-depth study of one or two major literary figures of the twentieth century, selected from the following list: T.5. Eliot, William Faulkner, Richard Wright, Theodore Dreiser, Ernest Hemingway, James Baldwin.

AML 5935 Seminar in Afro-American Literature (3) Current readings and individualized research organized around selected writers or themes which reflect the political and artistic values of Afro-American culture.

AML 5938 Seminar in American Literature (3) Current topics in American literature organized around selected writers and themes which reflect the political, cultural, and artistic values of our society.

CRW 3110/4120 Techniques of Fiction Writing (3) Techniques for developing skills in fiction writing.

CRW 3211/4224 Techniques of Creative Nonfiction (3) Techniques for developing skills in creative nonfiction writing.

CRW 3311/4312 Techniques of Poetry Writing (3) Techniques for developing skills in poetry writing.

ENC 1090 CLAST Essay Writing (1) Special emphasis on syntax and semantics in order to assist students in passing the CLAST essay subtest.

ENC 1101, 1102 Freshman Communicative Skills I, I (3,3) Provides students with basic communicative skills, including dictionary and library usage and analysis and development of paragraphs, themes, research papers and business communications. Must be taken for maximum credit of 6 semester hou rs.

ENC 1121, 1122 Freshman Composition (Honors) (3,3) Accelerated courses for students admitted to General Honors Program. Other students may enroll with consent of instructor.

ENC 2300 Improving Writing Competency (3) Prereq: ENC 1101, 1102. Development of skills necessary for writing expository prose. For non-English majors and English majors who require additional training before taking ENC 3320.

ENC 3243 Technical Writing (3) Prereq: ENC 1101, 1102. Emphasis is on clear expository writing of memoranda, reports, and articles in stu­dent's particular field.

ENC 3320 Advanced Composition (3) Prereq: B average ENC 1101, 1102. Techniques of logical structure and critical evaluation of prose genre.

ENG 3048 Theories and Techniques of Literary Studies (3) Introduces the student to contemporary literary theories such as structuralist, post modernist, feminist, Marxist, deconstructionist, transactional, literary response, and the black aesthetic and their application to selected literary works.

ENG 4905 Directed Individual Study (03-09) Specialized studies in English language and/or literature.

ENG 5018 Literary Criticism I (3) Development of literary criticism from Plato to Dryden.

ENG 5019 Literary Criticism" (3) Development of literary criticism from Dryden to T.S. Eliot.

ENG 5905 Directed Individual Study (1-5) Specialized studies in English language and/or literature.

ENL 3013, 3034 English Literature I, I (3,3) Survey of English litera­ture from beginning to 1914.

ENL 4101 The English Novel (3) History of the novel from Defoe to Hardy.

ENL 4221 English Literature in the Seventeenth Century (3) Non-dra­matic works of Milton and other principal writers of the period.

ENL 4230 English Literature in the Eighteenth Century (3) Study of major writers, including Defoe, Swift, Pope, Fielding, Johnson, Gray, Burns, and Blake.

ENL 4240 The Romantic Period (3) English poetry, 1798-1832, including Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Shelley and Keats.

ENL 4251 Victorian Literature (3) significant poetry and prose of major writers against scientific and philosophical background which the age afforded. Writers include Tennyson, Browning, Carlyle, Arnold, Huxley, Rosetti.

ENL 4311 Chaucer (3) Selections from The Canterbury Tales and Troilus and Criseyde.

ENL 4331, 4332 Shakespeare (3,3) Study of Shakespeare's develop­ment of dramatic techniques and ideas in his early, middle, and late plays.

ENL 5236 Eighteenth Century Literature (2) Major writers from 1660-1798, including Dryden, Addison and Steele, Swift, Pope, Fielding, Johnson, Gray, Burns and Blake.

ENL 5246 The Romantic Period (3) Examination of the most signifi­cant English prose and poetry written between 1798 and 1832.

ENL 5317 Chaucer (3) Selections from The Canterbury Tales, TroiIus and Criseyde, and the minor poems.

ENL 5335 Shakespeare (3) Study of Shakespeare's development of dramatic techniques and ideas.

ENL 5347 The Age of Milton (3) Prose and poetry of Milton, espe­cially Paradise Lost, Sampson and Agonistes and Areopagitica, viewed against the background of the age.

ENL 5932 Seminar in English Literature (3) Current topics in English literature, organized around selected writers and themes which reflect the political, cultural, and artistic values of English society.

LAE 4360 Teaching of English in Middle/High School (3) Prereq: ESE 3341 and twenty-seven hours of English. Established and experimental methods of instruction; interests of adolescents in language and literature through print, radio, film, and theatre; selection of materials and prepara­tion of units of study.

LIN 4060 A History of the English Language (3) Introduction to the Origins of the Engl ish Language as it relates to the Indo-European fami Iy of Languages and to the developments of English from its earliest days to the present.

LIN 4680 Advanced Grammar (3) Traditional and modern approach­es to study of English grammar. Required of English majors and minors. Open to upperclassmen who need or desire further language study.

LIT 2110, 2120 Introduction to Literature I,I (3,3) Prereq: ENC 1102. Thorough study and evaluation of selected major writers of the Ancient World, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the Modern World.

LIT 3115 Classical Literature in Translation (3) Study of Greek, Roman, and Hebrew Literature.

LIT 3333 Multicultural Literature for Adolescents (3) Fosters on appreciation of the variety of reading materials available for adolescents, as well as an understanding of the developmental stages, needs, and interests of young people.

LIT 3824 Latino/a Literature (3) In-depth study includes, but is not limited to, literary figures such as Marquez, Cisneros, and Alvarez.

LIT 4043 Drama and Crisis (3) A study of current crisis in Twentieth Century life as revealed in the dramas of Edward Albee, Ed Bullins, Tennessee Williams, and Samuel Beckett.

LIT 4083 Contemporary Literature (3) Fosters an appreciation of cur­rent trends in British and American literature since 1914 as well as litera­ture from diverse ethnic cultures by Hispanic, Native American, Chinese, Puerto-Rican, Japanese, Chicano, and African-American.

LIT 4383 Women in Literature (3) An introduction to the study of women as adults, particularly in the 19th and 20th centuries.

LIT 5327 Folklore, Myth, Legend (3) A study of folk literature from classical times to the present.

SPC 1050 Foundation of Speech (3) Introduction to communicative processes as applied to various speech situations:speech models,intrapersonal and interpersonal communication,such as thinkinq, Laboratoryactivities are required.

SPC 2600 Public Speaking (An honors section is available) (3) Theory and Practice in public speakinq emphasizing speeches of/or information, persuasion, and special occasiona; listening to and developing,organizing,and delivering speeches. Speech laboratory activities are required.

SPC 3051 Speech and Language Control (3) Designed to meet the speechand Language needs of students in the area of articulation, vocal control, standard American usage,and fluency.Speech Laboratory activities are required.

SPC 4051 Phonetics:Pronunciations of American English (3) Instruction in the application of the International Phonetic Alphabets to Standard American English words and sentences,and to the major dialects of American English. Speech Laboratory activities are required.