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Department of Economics

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
Phone  (850) 599-3138
Fax  (850) 561-2050

Department of Economics
515 Orr Drive
452 Tucker Hall
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

Faculty and Staff of the Economics Department

Rudolph Daniels, Ph.D.
Dr. Rudolph Daniels teaches most of the Microeconomics courses offered by the Economics Department.  Dr. Daniels’ area of research is applied Microeconomics, Labor Economics, and Forensic Economics.  He is a very high ranking member of the economics faculty. He is well known as an expert witness in wrongful death cases.  He is recognized regionally and nationally as an expert forensic economist.

Office: 415 Tucker Hall
Telephone: (850) 561-2052
E-mail: rudolph.daniels@famu.edu

Nathaniel Johnson, Ph.D.                                                                                   
Assistant Professor
Dr. Nathaniel Johnson teaches numerous undergraduate Economics courses – especially Labor Economics, Quantitative Methods, Money and Banking, Mathematical Economics, and Econometrics. Dr. Johnson’s research areas are Labor Economics and Economic Forecasting.

Office: 311-A Tucker Hall
Telephone: (850) 599-3112                                                                                                                 
Victor I. Oguledo, Ph.D.
Professor and Chairman
Dr. Victor I. Oguledo is one of the most scholarly and academically active members of the faculty. His areas of research include International Trade, International Finance, Industrial Organization and Public Policy.  Dr. Oguledo encourages undergraduate academic research through his vigorous participation as a mentor in the McNair Summer Program every year since 1992.  He teaches Principles of Microeconomics, International Trade, International Finance, Industrial Organization and Public Policy.

Office: 427 Tucker Hall
Telephone: (850) 599-3138
E-mail: victor.oguledo@famu.edu

Ifeakandu Okoye, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Dr. Ifeakandu Okoye teaches a variety of upper division economics courses including Public Finance, History of Economic Thought, and Monetary and Fiscal Policy. His research area(s) are Labor Economics, International Economics, and Public Finance.
Office: 309 Tucker Hall
Telephone: (850) 412-5536
DeEdgra Williams, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Dr. DeEdgra Williams teaches a variety of quantitative economics courses, Managerial Economics, Economics of Managerial Finance, and Labor Economics. Her research area(s) are Quantitative Economics, Public Finance, Microeconomics, and Labor Economics. 
Office: 309 Tucker Hall
Telephone: (850) 412-5537
Department of Economics
Ameko Dillard
Senior Secretary
Ms. Dillard is in charge of the Economics Department’s secretarial and clerical duties. She is an important asset to the Department. Ms. Dillard is very popular among the faculty and students. She has consistently and conscientiously worked for the growth and progress of the Department of Economics since 2003.
Office: 427 Tucker Hall
Telephone: (850) 599-3138
Fax: (850) 561-2050