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Division of Research

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
Phone  850 412-5102
Fax  850 412 5096

Division of Research
1700 Lee Hall Avenue
410 Foote-Hilyer Administration Center
Tallahassee, FL 32307


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Admin, Review & Approval of Participant Costs (.pdf)

Close Out for Contracts & Grants (.pdf)

Cost Sharing (.pdf)

Cost Transfers (.pdf)

Effort Reporting (.pdf)

Exemption to Direct Charge Cost Normally Treated as Indirect Cost (.pdf)

Extra Compensation on Contracts & Grants (.pdf)

FAMU Research Roles & Responsibilities (.pdf)

Finanical Conflict of Interest Governing Research (.pdf)

Fixed Price Residuals (.pdf)

Indirect Grantor Letter (.pdf)

Institutional Animal Care and Use (.pdf)

Invoices, Letter of Credit & Financial Reports (.pdf)

NSF Higher Education and Research Development Survey (.pdf)

Payroll Charges (.pdf)

Prepartion of Invoices, Letter of Credits and Financial Status Reports (.pdf)

Principal Investigator Eligibility (.pdf)

Research Roles and Responsibilities (.pdf)

Review & Approval of Consultant Services (.pdf)

Review & Approval of Non-Payroll Expenditures (.pdf)

Review and Approval of Program Income (.pdf)

Review & Approval of Proposals, White Papers & Letters of Intent (.pdf)

Review & Approval of Revisions of Budget & Program Plan (.pdf)

Review, Management & Monitoring of Sponsored Project Agreements (.pdf)

Stipends (.pdf)

Submission of Proposal and Management of Awards by Division of Research or Office of University Relations (.pdf)

Subrecipient Procurement, Mangement & Monitoring (.pdf)